5 Best Black Greenhouse Kits To Buy In 2024

Black greenhouse kits have been exploding in popularity lately because of their heat absorption and their sleek designs. Not only do they look great in your garden… but they also work extremely well!

That’s why – in this article I will be discussing the best black greenhouse kits that you can buy in 2024, plus why you should care about a black greenhouse.

Let’s get into it. 🌱

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Here are the different black greenhouse kits that I recommend to my readers:

CategoryBlack Greenhouse
Best Black GreenhouseHOWE Polycarbonate
Great Black Polycarbonate KitJocisland Greenhouse
Best Budget Black GreenhouseYitahome Polycarbonate
Amazing Black Cold Frame GreenhouseFurGenius Greenhouse
Top Mini GreenhouseQuictent Portable Black Greenhouse

#1: HOWE Polycarbonate (Best Black Greenhouse)

black greenhouse for sale

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 189″L x 91″W x 89″H

– Made of a rust-resistant aluminum frame and polycarbonate panels.

– Wind rating of 60 mph and snow load capacity of 20 psf

– Weight of 264 lbs

Overall Thoughts:

This is a top-notch black greenhouse that you won’t regret buying. It is a high quality, made from a well respected company in the greenhouse space – and it shows! The greenhouse is well designed, keeps your plants really cosy and looks great in the garden. The pricing is middle to high-level but overall you’ll still get decent value for your money. The only downside that I found was that it was quite challenging to assemble because the items aren’t in numerical order. But all around I was very happy with this.

– Looks really nice in the garden.

– Very sturdy and resistant to wind (60 mph wind resistance).

– It is high functioning and keeps plants happy and cosy

– Decent value for money based on what you get.
– It is a bit harder to assemble than other models because inventory items aren’t in numerical order.

Other Details:

The HOWE polycarbonate greenhouse in black is the best black greenhouse that you can get. It features 6mm twin-wall translucent polycarbonate panels that offer 99.99% UV protection, making it perfect for seedlings or heat-loving plants. With a wall height of 5.2 feet, it’s easy to access without bending over. This walk-in greenhouse has two swing doors and four adjustable roof vents for excellent ventilation, helping to manage moisture effectively.

Made with a rust-resistant aluminum frame, it includes corner and middle posts for extra stability, with a wind rating of 60 mph and a snow load capacity of 20 psf. It also comes with a built-in rainwater collection system, with drainage holes and pipes for easy water collection. Assembly takes about 15 hours for three DIY enthusiasts.

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#2: Jocisland Greenhouse (Great Black Polycarbonate Kit)

black greenhouse

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 144″L x 96″W x 90″H

– Made of an aluminum frame and polycarbonate panels.

– Wind rating of 60 mph and snow load capacity of 20 psf

– Weight of 189 lbs

Overall Thoughts:

This was a strong contender for the best black greenhouse but I felt like it did everything just a little bit worse that the HOWE model recommended above. Don’t get me wrong – this is still an amazing greenhouse! It is sturdy, functions well and has a high roof that tall people will love. It’s a good looking greenhouse and they’ve also included some nice touches like deep rain gutters and ventilation windows to give you more control. The installation process is quite tricky, but don’t let that stop you from getting a really nice product in your garden.

– It has a really high roof (6 ft) so most people won’t struggle with having to crouch when gardening

– It is exceptionally sturdy and solid (56 mph wind resistance and 18 psf snow load).

– Really nice to look at.

– They included some nice touches like rain gutters and sunroom based ventilation windows that give you control of air flow.

– Nice price
– The installation process is difficult because the instructions aren’t very clear.

Other Details:

The Jocisland 8x12x7.5 FT greenhouse in black is a great choice for outdoor gardening. Made with a durable and rust-resistant aluminum frame, it features light-transmitting polycarbonate panels that offer 99.99% UV protection, creating a warm, cozy environment for your plants. The spacious interior, with 575 cubic feet of space and a 6-foot-tall door, provides easy access and plenty of room for your plants. You can even add some furniture to transform it into a functional living space.

This black greenhouse is built to withstand harsh weather, with a load capacity of over 1200 lbs, wind resistance up to 56 mph, and a snow load capacity of 18 psf. It also has four ventilation windows for optimal air circulation and a purpose-built drainage system for efficient rainwater management. Assembly is straightforward with detailed instructions, and a team of three can put it together in about 12 hours.

Get Best Price ➡️ Amazon

#3: Yitahome Polycarbonate (Best Budget Black Greenhouse)

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 123″L x 75″W x 76.7″H

– Made of a premium aluminum frame and double wall polycarbonate panels.

– Weight of 99 lbs

Overall Thoughts:

When it comes to a budget polycarbonate greenhouse, this is a really nice pick. But it’s not only the price that you should care about, because you’re also getting a really solid black greenhouse that will fit in most gardens and make you extremely happy. It is a little bit less sturdy than the other options so just make sure that you put it somewhere that is a bit more sheltered to prevent damage.

– Nice and small so it will fit in most gardens happily.

– Made of high quality materials that fit well together and create a nice environment for your plants.

– Great price

– Assembly is quite easy with detailed instructions provided.
– Less sturdy and wind resistant than the other recommended models.

Other Details:

The YITAHOME 10x6FT greenhouse in matte black is a great budget option for your garden or backyard. It’s built with a premium aluminum alloy frame and reinforced rods for added sturdiness. The double-wall polycarbonate boards with 4mm UV protection block 99% of UV radiation, keeping your plants safe and thriving.

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This black greenhouse features two adjustable skylights for optimal air circulation and a sliding door that saves space and ensures easy access. It sits on a sturdy galvanized steel base with expansion screws and ground nails for stability and better wind resistance. For extra water protection, applying glass glue to the connections is recommended.

Designed for year-round use, its top tilt angle design enhances wind resistance and drainage. Assembly is straightforward with included instructions, though it arrives in two packages, so a bit of patience is needed. All in all, this greenhouse offers excellent value for money, making it a smart choice for budget-conscious gardeners.

Get Best Price ➡️ Amazon

#4: FurGenius Cold Frame (Best Black Greenhouse)

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 57.9″L x 29.1″W x 78.1″H

– Made of high quality fir wood and polycarbonate panels.

– Weight of 99 lbs

Overall Thoughts:

This black greenhouse is pretty much like a designer item that you can put in your home or your garden. It is made of high quality fir wood, which is resistant to decomposition. It looks great, functions well and is listed at a really cheap price considering what you get. The assembly is pretty easy – I’d recommend using 2 people and all you need is a drill to put it together and it’ll take a few hours. The negatives? It comes in 3 boxes which increases the chances of something going missing and it also is less solid than other greenhouses so keep it a bit sheltered.

– Great price for what you get

– Really easy to assemble and put together (all you need is a drill)

– Makes a really nice environment for your plants.

– Small and compact so you can put it indoors or outdoors.
– Comes in 3 boxes

– Keep it sheltered from heavy wind and snow.

Other Details:

The FurGenius 78-Inch greenhouse in black is an amazing cold frame greenhouse for both outdoor and indoor gardeners. Made from sturdy fir wood, it offers a spacious design with dimensions of 57.9×29.1×78.1 inches, providing plenty of room for walking in and tending to your plants. The double-sided doors make access easy, and the two folding middle shelves give you flexible storage options for organizing your plants and tools.

This black greenhouse features four skylights and polycarbonate panels for great light penetration and ventilation, ensuring a healthy environment for your plants. Stability is a key feature with four metal brackets at the bottom and two anti-topple sets at the top, preventing any unnecessary rocking.

Perfect for any gardener, this greenhouse combines practicality with aesthetics, making it a nice space to nurture your plants. Assembly is straightforward, though it arrives in three boxes, so a bit of patience is required. Overall, it’s a fantastic choice for anyone looking to enhance their gardening experience.

Get Best Price ➡️ Amazon

#5: Quictent Portable Black Greenhouse (Top Mini Greenhouse)

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 98.4″L x 49.2″W x 52.8″H

– Made of clear PVC and fiberglass poles to keep its shape.

– Weight of 12.5 Pounds

Overall Thoughts:

This is a really nice mini greenhouse that you’ll love using. It is small, lightweight and so cheap that you might want to buy 2 of them. All you need to do is add the fiberglass poles to it and its set up (kinda like a tent), and it also creates a warm spot for sensitive plants. I like to put my orchids and vegetables (1) in here (out of direct sunlight) and they really love it. Overall this is a really solid pick for anyone that wants a small black greenhouse.

– Great price

– Extremely lightweight, easy to use and portable.

– It is easy to assemble (just run the 2 fiberglass poles through it and you’re almost done)

– Creates a nice, safe and happy place for your plants.
– Very sensitive to strong winds and bad weather.

Other Details:

The Quictent 8×4 pop-up greenhouse in black is a top mini greenhouse that’s perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. It’s incredibly easy to set up—just stretch the collapsible cover and run the folding fiberglass poles through the top. You’ll have your greenhouse ready in minutes without any tools.

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This black greenhouse features six large zipper doors and windows with a unique buckle design to protect your plants. You can easily control the temperature and humidity inside with the zippered screen windows. Made from eco-friendly materials, it combines 600D oxford fabric with a clear waterproof PVC cover for durability and extended service life. The heavy-duty fiberglass poles ensure stability and easy installation.

It comes with stakes and tie ropes for extra reinforcement, making it sturdy even in bad weather. The extended cover design adds stability by allowing you to place weights on it, ensuring the greenhouse stays airtight. This compact and portable greenhouse is ideal for year-round gardening, maintaining high humidity levels and optimal temperatures for tropical plants, vegetables, and herbs.

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Benefits Of A Black Greenhouse

There are many nice benefits that you can get from using a black greenhouse, here are a few to consider:

Better Heat Absorption:Black absorbs more heat, keeping the greenhouse warmer, especially useful in cooler weather.
Stylish Appearance:Black greenhouses look sleek and modern, blending well with contemporary garden designs.
Hides Dirt Better:Black frames and materials hide dirt and grime better, maintaining a cleaner appearance.
Extra UV Protection:Provides additional UV protection, preventing plants from overheating and ensuring stable growth conditions.
Durable and Low-Maintenance:Often made from durable materials that require less maintenance, ideal for DIY enthusiasts.
Extended Growing Season:Helps extend the growing season by keeping the greenhouse warmer during colder months.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Black Greenhouse Kit

Choosing the right black greenhouse kit can make all the difference in your gardening success. Think about what features are most important to you before making a decision.

Size and Space Requirements

Consider the available space in your yard before purchasing a greenhouse kit. Measure the area where you plan to set up the structure and compare it with the dimensions of different kits.

This step ensures a good fit without overcrowding other plants or garden features.

Also, think about how much growing space you’ll need inside the greenhouse. A small greenhouse may be perfect for starting seedlings, but larger models can accommodate more extensive gardening projects.

Make sure to find a balance between your gardening ambitions and physical space constraints.


Balancing size and space with your budget is crucial. Greenhouse kits range from affordable options to high-end models. It’s possible to find sturdy greenhouse kits that fit various budgets.

Premium greenhouse kits tend to be more expensive but offer added durability and features. You don’t need to break the bank for a reliable unit, though. There are clearance greenhouse kits available that still provide great quality without costing a fortune.

Ease Of Assembly

Assembling greenhouse kits should be straightforward and stress-free. Many premium greenhouse kits come with clear instructions, pre-drilled holes, and labeled parts to simplify the process.

Some brands even offer online tutorials or customer support hotlines for additional assistance.

Most easy-to-assemble greenhouse kits are designed so that one or two people can put them together in a day. Quick assembly means you’ll spend less time on setup and more time growing fruits, vegetables, or flowers year-round.

Even portable mini-greenhouse kits can be ready in just a few hours, making them ideal for those who want a hassle-free gardening experience.

Material Quality

Material quality plays a vital role in the durability and effectiveness of black greenhouse kits. The best options often use high-grade materials like aluminum frames and polycarbonate panels.

These materials resist rusting, weather elements, and UV rays. They guarantee that your greenhouse will last for many years.

Plastic or weaker metals may not offer the same level of protection or longevity. High-quality materials support better insulation, keeping plants healthier during extreme weather conditions.

Using sturdy construction also makes assembly easier because parts fit together securely without bending or breaking.


Choosing the right black greenhouse kit can make a huge difference in your gardening success. Black greenhouses not only look stylish but also offer great benefits like better heat absorption and extra UV protection. Whether you’re looking for a top-notch model like the HOWE Polycarbonate or a budget-friendly option like the Yitahome, there’s a black greenhouse out there that fits your needs and space.

Remember to consider factors like size, budget, ease of assembly, and material quality before making your purchase. With the right kit, you’ll have a durable, functional, and attractive addition to your garden that will help your plants thrive year-round.

Happy gardening! 🌱

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Why should I consider buying a black greenhouse kit?

A black greenhouse kit can help absorb more heat, which is beneficial for plant growth.

Are black greenhouse kits easy to assemble?

Yes, most black greenhouse kits come with clear instructions and are designed for easy assembly.

What materials are used in black greenhouse kits?

Black greenhouse kits typically use materials like metal frames and durable plastic or polycarbonate panels.

Can I use a black greenhouse kit year-round?

Yes, you can use a black greenhouse kit year-round to protect plants from extreme weather conditions.

Do these kits come in different sizes?

Yes, black greenhouse kits are available in various sizes to fit different gardening needs.

black greenhouse

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