6 Beautiful Potting Benches To Buy For Your Greenhouse In 2024

Are you struggling to organize your plants in the greenhouse efficiently? Greenhouse benches can transform your cluttered space into a gardener’s dream. This blog will guide you through six standout benches that optimize space and support healthy plant growth.

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Types of Greenhouse Benches

There are different types of greenhouse benches to choose from, including stationary benches, rolling benches, and shelf benches. Each type has its own unique features and benefits that cater to various gardening needs.

Stationary Benches

Stationary benches are a solid choice for many gardeners working in greenhouses. They’re built to stay in one spot, offering stability and support for heavy pots and trays of plants.These types of benches usually come made from materials like wood, metal, or recycled plastic, ensuring they can handle the high moisture environments found in greenhouses.

With their fixed position, stationary benches make organizing your greenhouse simpler. They often double as both planting tables and display shelves for your nursery, making them versatile pieces of outdoor furniture.

Regardless if you’re potting new seedlings or showcasing mature plants, these garden tables provide a reliable surface area that won’t let you down.

Rolling Benches

Rolling benches maximize greenhouse space like a dream, making them a top pick for plant enthusiasts and commercial growers alike. With their dynamic design, they glide smoothly from side to side, allowing you to access plants with ease and eliminate wasted aisle space.

These versatile gardening tables provide up to 50% more plant area by reducing the need for fixed paths. Gardeners can change the layout as needed which is perfect when it’s time to adapt to different crops or growing seasons.

Constructed with durability in mind, rolling benches often feature high-grade materials such as galvanized steel frames and heavy-duty locking casters. This ensures they stand up well against the moist environment of a greenhouse while keeping your greens steady during maintenance tasks.

They’re not just functional; these nursery benches double as portable displays that can showcase your beautiful array of plants at garden shows or retail spaces. Ready to discover other options? Let’s explore shelf benches next!

Shelf Benches

Shelf benches boost your greenhouse’s growing area by adding vertical space for plants. These benches come in various materials, such as wood or metal, and cater to different gardening needs.

Whether you’re spotlighting select planters or maximizing storage for garden tools, shelf benches are versatile additions.

These shelving units can also serve as display shelves during open houses or farmers’ markets. Many gardeners choose adjustable greenhouse shelves to accommodate the varying heights of their plants.

With options from portable greenhouse benches that allow you to rearrange at will, to sturdy stationary models built from recycled plastic or classic wood, there’s a shelf bench style for every nursery setup.

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6 Beautiful Greenhouse Benches To Transform Your Greenhouse

Let’s get into the greenhouse benches and where you can grab this.

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#1: Lifetime Basic Folding Bench

Where To Buy: Amazon

Features & Specs:
– Dimensions of 11.41″D x 72.04″W x 16.53″H

– Made of UV-protected high-density polyethylene (HDPE)

– Folds in half for easy storage

The Lifetime portable folding nench is a versatile pick for anyone who loves to spend time outdoors or needs an extra seating solution. It’s made from durable, UV-protected high-density polyethylene and alloy steel, meaning it can handle the sun without cracking, chipping, or peeling. This bench is super lightweight at just 15.4 pounds and folds in half, making it a breeze to move and store. What’s cool is it’s got this safety locking mechanism to keep it secure when open. Its off-white, powder-coated finish not only looks sleek but also adds a rust-resistant layer, making it perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Now, why is it awesome for a greenhouse? Its durability and UV protection are key. It won’t get damaged by sunlight or moisture, and its foldable design means you can easily tuck it away when you need more space for your plants. Plus, its lightweight design makes rearranging your greenhouse setup hassle-free. It’s an ideal bench for potting plants or taking a quick break to admire your garden’s growth.

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#2: Palram Rion Work Bench

Where To Buy: Amazon

Features & Specs:
– Dimensions of 16″D x 31″W x 33″H

– Made of solid PVC

greenhouse benches

The Palram-Canopia 2 tier work bench is a total game-changer for greenhouse lovers. Picture this: a sturdy, dark green bench that not only fits perfectly with your greenhouse aesthetic but also keeps everything organized and within reach. Made of solid PVC, this bench is both lightweight and durable, meaning it can easily withstand the humid, wet conditions of a greenhouse without breaking a sweat. It’s got two tiers of perforated shelves, which is super handy for letting air flow around your plants and draining any excess water away, keeping your plant roots happy and healthy.

Setting this bench up is a breeze, so you won’t waste any precious gardening time on complicated assembly. It’s 31 inches long, 16 inches wide, and about 33 inches high, giving you ample space to work with your plants or store your gardening tools. The deep hunter green color is the cherry on top, blending seamlessly with the rest of your greenhouse setup. Whether you’re potting new plants, organizing your gardening tools, or just need an efficient way to utilize your greenhouse space, this bench has got you covered. It’s practical, looks great, and makes gardening even more enjoyable.

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#3: Merry Garden Utility Bench

greenhouse benches

Where To Buy: Amazon

Features & Specs:
– Dimensions of 31.9 x 33.9 x 15.7 inches

– Made of cedar wood

The Merry Garden Folding Utility Table & Potting Bench is your go-to for making the most out of limited space, especially in a greenhouse. Imagine having a sturdy spot to pot plants or stash your gardening gear, that can also fold up and out of the way when you need the room. This bench nails it with its compact design and easy-to-fold feature, making it a breeze to store during off-seasons or whenever you’re after a bit more space.

Crafted from Canadian Hemlock with a natural stain and topped with a galvanized metal surface, it’s built to last and resist the wear and tear of both indoor and outdoor use. The dual tiers offer plenty of room to work on top and store essentials underneath, doubling as an extra buffet table for those patio garden parties. And the best part? It comes mostly pre-assembled. A few quick steps, and you’re ready to roll—no need to waste a sunny day on complicated setups.

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Perfect for greenhouses where space is at a premium, this bench blends functionality with convenience, providing a durable workspace that keeps everything you need within arm’s reach, then tucks away neatly. It’s a practical, no-fuss addition to any green thumb’s collection.

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#4: VegTruck Herb Garden Bench

Where To Buy: Amazon

Features & Specs:
– Dimensions of 22.83″D x 30.71″W x 31.5″H

– Made of cedar wood

– Combination greenhouse bench and herb garden

greenhouse benches

The VegTrug 8 Pocket Herb Garden is like a dream come true for anyone who’s into growing their own herbs or wants to add a bit of green to their outdoor space. Made from cedar wood that’s not only sturdy but also treated with a food-safe preservative, this herb garden ensures whatever you grow is healthy and ready to be tossed into your next meal. The design is smart, with eight separate pockets that let you organize different herbs or flowers, giving them plenty of room to thrive without cramping each other’s style.

What’s really cool is the built-in drainage system that keeps your plants from getting waterlogged. Plus, there’s a lower shelf that’s perfect for stashing extra pots or gardening tools, keeping everything neat and tidy. With its raised bed design, you won’t have to bend over backwards to tend to your plants, making your gardening sessions a lot more comfortable.

This herb garden is a perfect fit for small spaces like balconies, patios, or even a greenhouse where you want to maximize your growing area without taking up too much floor space. It’s not just practical; it looks great, too, adding a touch of rustic charm to wherever you place it.

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#5: Furinno Hardwood Bench

greenhouse benches

Where To Buy: Amazon

Features & Specs:
– Dimensions of 21.26″D x 35.94″W x 42.72″H

– Made of Malaysian hardwood

The Furinno potting bench is a solid choice for anyone passionate about gardening. This bench isn’t just about good looks; it’s super practical, too. Made from Malaysian hardwood and treated with teak oil, it’s durable enough to withstand the elements, making it a great fit for both indoor greenhouses and outdoor spaces. With its simple yet stylish design, it offers plenty of shelf space for your gardening projects, whether you’re repotting plants, sowing seeds, or just organizing your gardening tools.

What’s great is how easy this bench is to clean and maintain. A quick wipe with a damp cloth is all it takes to keep it looking fresh. Plus, assembling it is a breeze, so you can get back to your plants in no time. It’s sturdy enough to hold up to 175 lbs, which means you can load it up with pots, soil, and gardening supplies without a second thought.

For greenhouse enthusiasts, this potting bench is a game-changer. It’s not only functional, helping you keep everything organized and accessible, but it also adds a touch of natural charm to your gardening space. And with the recommendation to treat it with wood oil annually, you know it’s going to be a long-lasting addition to your gardening routine.

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#6: Takuka Wooden Bench

Where To Buy: Amazon

Features & Specs:
– Dimensions of 16″D x 29″W x 37″H

– Made of fir wood

greenhouse benches

The Takuka wooden potting bench is a gardener’s dream, especially if you’re someone who loves to have everything organized and within arm’s reach in your greenhouse. What sets this bench apart is its smart design, featuring a waterproof metal table top that’s perfect for all the messy potting work. You won’t have to worry about water damage or a complicated clean up; a simple wipe down does the trick.

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But there’s more – this bench is a storage powerhouse. With double doors and a sizeable interior, it offers tons of space to stash your gardening tools, pots, fertilizers, and more, keeping your greenhouse clutter-free. The solid wood construction ensures durability, while the metal top adds a sleek, easy-to-clean surface.

Its adaptability is another win. Fitted with stainless steel casters, including four that lock, you can easily move it around your greenhouse or outdoor space, making it versatile for any gardening task. And at 30″W x 16″D x 33″H, it’s just the right size to fit in snug spaces without sacrificing work area.

Assembly’s a breeze, too, with everything you need included. It’s a practical, stylish addition that’s bound to make your gardening more efficient and enjoyable.

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Bonus: Deerfamy Garden Kneeler

Where To Buy: Amazon

Features & Specs:
– Dimensions of 11″D x 20.3″W x 18.5″H

– Made of EVA

Gardening is awesome until you’re stuck kneeling on the hard ground, which is pretty rough on your knees and back. The Deerfamy Garden Stool totally gets rid of that problem. It’s designed to keep you off the ground, easing the strain on your body with its ergonomic height. Plus, it comes with an extra kneeling pad for even more comfort. Lightweight yet sturdy, this foldable seat can hold up to 350 lbs and even has side armrests to help you get up easily. Throw in the tool pouches and claw gloves, and you’ve got everything you need for a pain-free gardening session. It’s a game-changer, especially if you’re not a fan of the aches and pains that usually come with gardening.

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Wrapping up, our guide to the six beautiful benches (and a bonus garden kneeler) for your greenhouse in 2024 offers a variety of options to suit any gardener’s needs. From the versatile Lifetime Basic Folding Bench to the smartly designed Takuka Wooden Bench with its waterproof metal tabletop, there’s something here for every type of green thumb. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to organize your plant babies or a commercial grower aiming to optimize space, these benches promise to transform your greenhouse into an efficient, enjoyable workspace.

Choosing the right bench can make a huge difference in how you interact with your plants and manage your gardening tasks. It’s all about enhancing the joy of gardening, improving accessibility, and making maintenance tasks easier and more efficient. With the added bonus of the Deerfamy Garden Kneeler, we’ve also considered the comfort and physical well-being of gardeners, ensuring that you can spend hours in your greenhouse without the usual strain.

As you consider upgrading your greenhouse setup, think about the space you have, the functionality you need, and how each bench’s features align with your gardening style. Remember, a well-organized and thoughtfully equipped greenhouse not only boosts plant health and productivity but also makes gardening a more delightful experience. Happy gardening in 2024!

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What are the benefits of using greenhouse benches?

Greenhouse benches provide elevated platforms for plants, allowing better air circulation, drainage, and easier access for maintenance.

How do I choose the right greenhouse bench?

Select a greenhouse bench based on factors such as your available space, the type of plants you want to grow, and the durability and materials of the bench.

Can I build my own greenhouse benches?

Yes, you can build your own greenhouse benches using simple materials like wood or metal; however, ensure they are sturdy and weather-resistant.

Do I need any special tools to assemble a greenhouse bench?

Basic tools such as a screwdriver or wrench may be required depending on the assembly method provided by the manufacturer.

How should I maintain my greenhouse benches?

Regularly clean your greenhouse benches to prevent mold growth and remove debris that could harbor pests. Check for structural integrity over time by inspecting for rust or rotting parts.

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