6 Best Mini Greenhouses Of 2024 Reviewed

Struggling with tiny, wilted seedlings? A Mini greenhouse could well be the lifeline your baby plants need. This post will unveil six perfect mini greenhouses that ensure your seeds sprout strong and healthy.

But let’s cut to the chase:

“In my opinion, the best mini greenhouse is the Barrina 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse. You can use it indoors and outdoors, it’s surprisingly sturdy and it comes at a great price. You’ll struggle to find something better.”

We’ll go into our detailed reviews down below, so make sure you keep reading.

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What is a mini greenhouse?

A mini greenhouse is a smaller version of a traditional greenhouse, designed to fit in limited spaces such as balconies, patios, or even indoors. These compact structures are perfect for gardeners who want to extend their growing season, improve their mental health (1), protect plants from adverse weather, or start seedlings early before transplanting them outside. Mini greenhouses can vary in size and design, ranging from small shelf units to slightly larger walk-in models.

They typically feature a frame made from materials like plastic, metal, or wood, and are covered with a transparent material such as polyethylene, PVC, or glass, which allows sunlight to enter while retaining heat and humidity. Mini greenhouses are versatile, portable, and an affordable option for those looking to create a controlled growing environment on a smaller scale.

Best Mini Greenhouse Options For 2024

When it comes to a mini greenhouse, because of the smaller size you start to get indoor and outdoor options. So I have broken down my reviews into indoor mini greenhouse and then outdoor mini greenhouse so that you can choose which one better suits your needs.

#1: Barrina 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse (Best Mini Indoor Greenhouse)

mini greenhouse

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 35.4″L x 13.8″W x 59″H

– Made of an EVA cover with a 4-tier plant shelf and LED growth lights

– The shelving is adjustable so you can put bigger plants at the bottom and smaller ones at the top.

– It is really easy to put together, you don’t need any tools and it has clear instructions

– It’s a nice size for small places and you can just put it in the corner of your home.

– Surprisingly sturdy.

– High quality grow lights that really help with growth (there are 6 pieces of 3ft LED grow lights)
– It is a bit of a pain to zip and unzip it but this makes a nice and cozy environment for the plants so it serves a purpose.


So what is the best mini indoor greenhouse? It’s the Barrina 4-tier mini greenhouse in my opinion. This is like the ultimate smart mini indoor greenhouse for anyone looking to boost their indoor garden game. It’s got a 4-tier metal stand that’s adjustable in height, perfect for all your plants, from the tiny sprouts to the bigger veggies. The size is pretty compact, measuring 35.4” by 13.8” by 59”, and it can hold up to 220 lbs. What makes it super cool are the 6 full-spectrum LED grow lights included, which are great for plant growth and come with reflectors for better light distribution. Plus, there’s a timer to set your lighting schedule and a thermo-hygrometer to keep tabs on the temp and humidity.

The greenhouse has a durable EVA tent to keep the warmth and moisture right where your plants need it, and it’s super easy to peek inside without disturbing your plant babies. Setting this thing up is a breeze, no tools needed, and it even comes with wheels that lock so you can move it around or keep it steady. In the kit, you get the metal plant stand, LED light set, greenhouse tent, and all the bits and pieces to get started, including a 2-year warranty. It’s also designed with neat features like cable organizers, an anti-drop guardrail, and waterproof mats for each shelf. Basically, it’s the best pick for anyone looking to create a thriving indoor garden with ease.

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Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#2: Bstrip 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse (Best Budget Mini Indoor Greenhouse)

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 26.8″L x 19.3″W x 61.8″H

– Made of a PVC cover with a 4-tier plant shelf and 15 W LED growth lights

mini greenhouse
– Great price for what you get.

– Very responsive supplier with good customer service.

– Nice size that fits in your house and can be stored pretty much anywhere.

– Create nice conditions for your plants so it will work perfectly for most plants.
– This was a little bit harder to assemble because the line up holes are a little small.

– I had problems with the lights initially but they were immediately replaced by the supplier.


This mini indoor greenhouse is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to start seeds or show off their plants indoors. It’s got a small footprint, with dimensions of 26.8″ L × 19.3″ W × 61.8″ H, but don’t let that fool you—it’s designed with 4 tiers to hold standard 10″ x 20″ seed trays, so there’s plenty of room for all your green babies. The frame and shelves are made from sturdy steel tubing, meaning this little greenhouse is built to last. Plus, putting it together is a snap since you won’t need any tools, and you can adjust the shelves to fit your plants’ needs.

The greenhouse comes with a roll-up zippered door and a clear PVC cover that makes it easy to check on your plants while keeping them cozy. But here’s where it really shines: it includes four full-spectrum LED grow lights that mimic natural sunlight, helping your plants grow strong and healthy. These lights are super energy-efficient, only using 15W, and you can adjust the brightness from 15% to 100%. Plus, you can customize the lighting with three color modes (yellow, pink, mixed) and set a timer for 3, 6, or 12 hours, making sure your plants get just the right amount of light all year round. It’s a great pick for a mini indoor greenhouse, offering everything you need to keep your plants thriving.

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#3: Greengro Mini Greenhouse (Best Mini Outdoor Greenhouse)

mini greenhouse

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 56 x 56 x 75 inches

– Made of a thickened polyethylene cover with an aluminum frame.

– This greenhouse holds up to 24 plant pots so if you have a vibrant garden that needs some love then it’ll likely fit them all.

– Really great price for what you get.

– Easy to assemble with clear instructions. It should take you under an hour to put this together.

– It retains heat really well, so make sure you allow for some ventilation.
– It’s less sturdy than a polycarbonate greenhouse so make sure you put it somewhere protected from heavy wind or snow.


The Greengro Greenhouse is pretty much the ultimate mini outdoor greenhouse you could ask for. Measuring 56 x 56 x 75 inches, it’s a spacious home for up to 24 plant pots, making it perfect for gardeners who want a green oasis right in their backyard. This greenhouse is designed with a thickened 16mm base for unbeatable wind resistance and stability, so you don’t have to worry about it getting knocked over by a gust. The heavy-duty green PE cover can handle winds up to 45mph, keeping your plants snug and safe from harsh weather.

What’s really cool about this greenhouse is how user-friendly it is. It has a tall 6.4ft height and a large roll-up door for easy access, making your gardening chores a breeze. Setting it up is a piece of cake too, with no tools needed for assembly. Plus, it features customizable ventilation with screen windows on each side to keep your plants happy and pests out.

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It comes fully equipped with 8 shelves, ground stakes, guy ropes, and extra plastic hooks for added stability, making it usable all year round. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, this greenhouse is a solid choice for growing plants, fruits, veggies, and flowers. It’s hands down the best mini outdoor greenhouse for creating your very own home farm, no matter the season.

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#4: Ohuhu 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse (Great 4-Tier Outdoor Greenhouse)

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 30″L x 20″W x 62″H

– Made of a 4-tier steel structure with a polyethylene cover (PE)

mini greenhouse
– Really easy to assemble with clear instructions.

– This greenhouse is priced extremely cheap for a solid 4-tier greenhouse.

– The frame and cover are high quality and durable so you won’t need to replace this any time soon.

– It keeps the temperate surprisingly stable even if the weather conditions are warm outside.

– You can use this indoors or outdoors.
– It is not extremely stable so you want to put it somewhere quite protected.


The Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse is a top-notch choice for both indoor and outdoor gardening enthusiasts. This little greenhouse packs a lot of punch with its 30x20x62 inch frame and four tiers of shelves, each shelf capable of holding 22lbs. It’s spacious enough to house your blooming flowers, seedlings, and even some fresh veggies. What sets it apart is its unique double-layer roof design, which allows for rainwater irrigation, keeps critters out, and promotes air circulation. Plus, the zip-up PE cover traps warmth and moisture inside, creating a cozy environment for your plants.

Quality-wise, this greenhouse is solid. It’s built with a sturdy steel tube and iron frame that’s both rust-resistant and good-looking. The PE cover is eco-friendly, resistant to corrosion, low temperatures, and UV rays, and it’s waterproof with great light transmittance. Stability is a key feature here, thanks to its 8 patented fixing buckles and an additional hanging rod for extra support or for hanging lights and fans.

It’s also super easy to set up without needing any tools, and you can adjust the setup as the seasons change. The design includes pockets at the bottom for adding weight, making it less likely to tip over in the wind. With the ability to create a stable temperature and humidity level, it’s an excellent way to extend your growing season. Definitely a great outdoor mini greenhouse option for those looking to give their plants a little extra love.

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#5: Quictent Raised Garden Bed + Cover (Best Garden Bed Greenhouse)

mini greenhouse

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 71″L x 35.4″W x 12″H

– The frame is made of metal and the cover is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

– Nice price for a solid mini greenhouse

– It is neat looking and easy to assemble which is nice compared to many other greenhouse options.

– Keeps out pests and animals really well if you have sensitive plants.

– Extremely sturdy so you can put it pretty much anywhere.
– The zipper was a little bit finnicky for me so I have to fight with it.


The Quictent Galvanized Raised Garden Bed with Cover is a stellar pick for anyone looking to step up their gardening game. It’s like getting three products in one: a raised garden bed, a detachable mini greenhouse, and the combo of both, making it super versatile for your gardening needs. This setup lets you easily customize how you want to grow your plants, whether you’re into veggies, herbs, or flowers.

It comes with two zippered screen windows on the greenhouse cover, which is awesome because it lets fresh air in while keeping pesky birds out. Plus, you can adjust the temperature inside by opening or closing these windows, giving your plants the perfect environment to thrive in. The raised bed is pretty spacious, measuring 6 x 3 x 1 ft, offering plenty of room for your soil and plants.

Durability is a big plus here; it’s made from extra-thick galvanized metal, making it hardy against the elements and ensuring it won’t easily bend or break. It’s designed with four strong middle poles for extra stability and even has a supporting bar to prevent the sides from bursting.

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Quictent backs this garden bed with a 5-year warranty for the bed part and a 1-year warranty for the greenhouse cover, plus lifetime replacements for the frame connectors. So, if you’re looking for a great outdoor mini greenhouse that’s built to last and provides ample space and protection for your plants, this one’s a no-brainer.

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#6: Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse (Best Budget Outdoor Greenhouse)

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 36″L x 18″W x 33″H

– Made of transparent polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

– Really easy to set up with clear instructions. You really will not struggle with this.

– Creates nice insulation for your plants and protects them from bugs and animals.

– You can use this indoor or outdoor if you want.

– It’s a nice size for small plants.

– Extremely cheap.
– Limited shelf life because I found that my plants quickly grew out of this. Not a problem but just be aware of it.


The Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse is a game-changer for anyone with a green thumb looking for a budget-friendly solution. This tiny powerhouse measures 36x18x33 inches, making it a perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor spaces without taking up too much room. It’s designed to be super durable, featuring a thick, tear-resistant PVC cover that keeps your plants cozy and protected. The frame is made of metal with a rust-resistant coating, so it’s built to withstand some pretty tough weather conditions.

What’s really neat about this mini greenhouse is its user-friendly design. It comes with a waterproof PE mat that catches dirt and water, making clean-up a breeze. Plus, the zippered door isn’t just for easy access; it rolls up to provide great ventilation, which is super important for plant health. It’s incredibly versatile, too. Whether you’re nursing tiny seedlings, looking to kickstart germination, or wanting to shelter your small potted plants or flower beds outside, this greenhouse has got you covered.

Setting it up is a walk in the park and when you don’t need it, you can just take it apart and stash it away, saving you loads of space. Its portability means your plants can always have the perfect conditions, no matter where you are. If you’re on the hunt for the best budget mini greenhouse that doesn’t skimp on quality or functionality, the Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse is definitely the way to go.

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Tips for Using a Mini Greenhouse Effectively

So how do you use your mini greenhouse properly? You do it by ensure proper placement and sunlight exposure for your seedlings, as well as regular watering and fertilization (2). Maintain the right humidity levels and be vigilant about pest control to ensure the success of your seedlings in a mini greenhouse.

Here is a nice video explaining the essentials of greenhouse gardening. The same principles apply to mini greenhouses so this will work perfectly for your mini greenhouse.

Placement and sunlight

Place the mini greenhouse in a spot that receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily. Ensure that it’s not obstructed by large trees or buildings to maximize sun exposure for your seedlings.

If using grow lights, position them close enough to provide adequate light and warmth for germination and growth.

Watering and fertilizing

When placing your mini greenhouse in a spot that receives sufficient sunlight, it is essential to ensure that your seedlings receive the right amount of water and nutrients. Regularly check the soil moisture in your mini greenhouse and water as needed, keeping it consistently moist but not waterlogged.

Consider using a misting bottle for delicate seedlings to avoid disturbing their fragile roots. Additionally, fertilize your seedlings according to the instructions specific to the plant variety, using a diluted liquid fertilizer or slow-release granules for sustained nutrition.

Maintaining proper watering and fertilizing practices will provide an optimal growing environment for your seedlings inside the mini greenhouse. This will support healthy root development and robust growth as they progress through the germination stages towards becoming strong, mature plants ready for transplanting into larger containers or outdoor gardens.

Here are some amazing misting systems for you to consider:
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Maintaining proper humidity

Maintaining proper humidity is crucial for seedling success in a mini greenhouse. Use a hygrometer to monitor the humidity levels regularly and adjust as needed. Misting the seedlings can help maintain consistent moisture, while also ensuring proper ventilation to prevent excess moisture buildup.

Once you have mastered maintaining proper humidity, it’s time to focus on pest control within your mini greenhouse. Keeping pests at bay will further ensure healthy growth and successful seedling propagation.

Pest control

To keep your seedlings healthy in a mini greenhouse, regularly inspect plants for pests. Check the underside of leaves and along stems for insects or eggs. Remove any pests you find by hand or use an organic insecticidal soap to control infestations without harming your seedlings’ health.

Also, consider employing natural pest deterrents like planting basil or marigold near your greenhouse to repel common garden pests. Rotate crops and practice good sanitation to minimize pest issues and maintain a thriving environment for your seedlings.

Regularly cleaning trays, pots, and supplies helps prevent the spread of diseases and reduces the risk of attracting unwanted pests.


In conclusion, mini greenhouses present an excellent opportunity for gardeners of all levels to extend their growing season, protect their plants from adverse weather, and kickstart seedlings in a controlled environment.

With options ranging from smart indoor mini greenhouses like the Barrina 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse, to budget-friendly and outdoor solutions like the Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse, there’s something out there to suit every need and space. Whether you’re an experienced gardener looking to optimize your plant care routine or a beginner eager to dip your toes into the world of gardening, a mini greenhouse can significantly enhance your gardening experience.

Remember, success with a mini greenhouse involves proper placement, regular watering and fertilizing, maintaining the right humidity levels, and diligent pest control. With these tips and the right mini greenhouse, you’re well on your way to enjoying a thriving garden year-round. Happy gardening! 🌿🌺

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How do mini greenhouses help in seedling success?

Mini greenhouses provide a controlled environment for seedlings, shielding them from harsh weather conditions and pests while maintaining ideal temperature and humidity levels.

Can I use a mini greenhouse for different types of seeds?

Yes, mini greenhouses are versatile and suitable for various types of seeds, including flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

Do small greenhouses work?

Yes, small greenhouses work effectively by creating a controlled environment that protects plants from harsh weather, extends growing seasons, and improves plant growth. They offer the benefits of larger greenhouses, such as temperature regulation and pest protection, on a smaller scale, making them ideal for hobbyists and gardeners with limited space.

Are there any specific maintenance requirements for a mini greenhouse?

Maintenance may involve periodic cleaning of the panels to ensure proper light penetration and monitoring temperature and humidity levels to create an optimal growing environment.

Is it worth getting a mini greenhouse?

Yes, getting a mini greenhouse can be worth it for several reasons, especially if you’re passionate about gardening or have specific gardening needs. It extends the growing season of your plants, protects them from pests and animals, they are generally really cost effective and have the added benefit of being able to use indoors. So they are 100% worth considering at least.

mini greenhouse


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