If You Don’t Buy An Octagonal Greenhouse Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later…

An octagonal greenhouse offers a unique design that maximizes space and adds beauty to any garden. This post will explore a few top octagonal greenhouses you can buy in 2024, packed with features for both newbie and seasoned gardeners.

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What Is An Octagonal Greenhouse And Why Should You Care?

An octagonal greenhouse is a structure designed for growing plants, which, as the name suggests, has an octagonal shape — meaning it has eight sides.

And not only can this make your garden exponentially more attractive, but it also has a few really unique advantages

Aesthetic AppealThe octagonal shape is visually appealing and can add a distinctive architectural element to a garden or outdoor space.
Efficient Use of SpaceThe eight-sided design can make more efficient use of space than a traditional rectangular or square greenhouse, especially in smaller or irregularly shaped gardens.
Enhanced Sunlight ExposureThe multiple sides and angles of an octagonal greenhouse can allow for better sunlight capture at different times of the day, which is beneficial for plant growth.
Structural Strength The geometric shape can provide added stability and strength to the structure, potentially making it more resilient in adverse weather conditions.

Octagonal greenhouses aren’t just functional spaces for plant cultivation; they double as stunning garden features. With their unique shape and elegant design, these horticultural buildings elevate your outdoor space into a captivating showpiece.

3 Amazing Octagonal Greenhouses To Buy In 2024

CategoryOctagonal Greenhouse
1 – Best Octagonal GreenhousePalram Canopia Oasis
2 – Best PVC Octagonal GreenhouseGaonala Garden Dome
3 – Best Budget Octagonal GreenhouseTierra Garden Sunbubble

Let’s jump into each of them so you know a little more about them and can make an educated decision.

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#1 Palram Canopia Oasis (Best Octagonal Greenhouse)

octagonal greenhouse

Where To Buy: Amazon

Key Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 96″L x 84″W x 96″H

– Weight of 111 pounds

– Made of reinforced aluminum and waterproof polycarbonate panels

– Really high quality polycarbonate that is durable and will last for a really long time.

– Looks great in the garden and enhances the appearance of your home.

– Can raise the value of your property

– It is big and spacious so you can use it as a little reading nook, a tea spot or a greenhouse.
– You don’t want to expose it to extreme winds so try and position it in a more sheltered location

– Difficult to build because the instructions aren’t very clear so budget a few days to get it done.

The Palram – Canopia Oasis Greenhouse, sized 7′ x 8′ x 9′ and colored gray, is built for year-round plant protection. It’s got clear polycarbonate panels that let in tons of light while blocking harmful UV rays. This thing is sturdy, with high-impact panels and a frame made of powder-coated steel and aluminum.

It can handle winds up to 55 MPH and heavy snow, as long as it’s put together right. The setup is a DIY deal with easy instructions and all the hardware you need. It’s got some cool features like an adjustable window for airflow and humidity control, and a built-in gutter for water drainage.

Plus, it’s maintenance-free because the panels are UV protected and won’t discolour or break easily. This greenhouse isn’t just tough, it’s also good-looking, enhancing your garden’s vibe. It includes a steel base, lockable double door, side window, and gutter system.

The spacious inside and balanced conditions make growing plants a breeze and a fun addition to your backyard.

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#2: Gaonala Garden Dome (Best PVC Octagonal Greenhouse)

Where To Buy: Amazon

Key Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 15*9.5ft (4.65*2.9m) DxH

– Weight of 79 pounds

– Made of high quality PVC and an ABS frame

octagonal greenhouse
– Really easy to set up and use with detailed guides provided

– At 15ft it has a lot of space for plants and even chairs so you can use it as an extra space.

– Maintains nice humidity so your plants will love it in there.

– Very sturdy and stable for a PVC greenhouse
– You don’t want to expose it to extreme winds so try and position it in a more sheltered location

The Gaonala Garden Dome Igloo is a pretty awesome greenhouse that’s also a bit of a showstopper. It’s 15 by 9.5 feet, made with a tough ABS plastic frame and thick, super-clear PVC. This means you get a 360° view from inside, perfect for soaking in your garden’s beauty while keeping your plants cozy. The material is great for sun protection, keeping things warm, and standing up to wind.

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This dome’s really stable and can handle wind up to 40 mph and snow up to 110 pounds, so you don’t have to stress about it in bad weather. It’s like a 2-in-1 deal: not only does it look cool, but it also promotes better air circulation and even temperatures inside, which is great for your plants. It’s got a zippered door and windows for air flow and is ideal for growing all sorts of plants and veggies.

Setting it up is a bit of a project and needs two people, but it’s kind of fun and challenging. Plus, Gaonala’s got your back with detailed instructions, a video guide, and customer support if you need it. So, if you’re into gardening and want a greenhouse that’s also a bit of a statement piece, this dome igloo could be your pick.

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#3: Tierra Garden Sunbubble (Best Budget Octagonal Greenhouse)

octagonal greenhouse

Where To Buy: Amazon

Key Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 137.8 x 137.8 x 86.6 inches

– Weight of 46 pounds

– Made of high quality PVC and an ABS frame

– Great price for a sturdy little greenhouse

– Spacious and has plenty of room to walk around in it while tending to your plants.

– It creates high levels of humidity if you keep the door closed and it also maintains the temperature well.
– You don’t want to expose it to extreme winds so try and position it in a more sheltered location

– You might want to consider getting shade cloth to protect more sensitive plants in hot weather.

The Tierra Garden Sunbubble Greenhouse is a cool, dome-shaped, pop-up greenhouse that’s super easy to set up and move around. You can have it up and ready in your garden in no time. It’s adjustable, with vents to control the temperature and a zipped doorway to keep out pets. Plus, it’s easy to pack away in a storage bag when you’re not using it.

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This thing is built with UV-stabilized PVC and flexible fiberglass rods, so it’s durable but still flexible for whatever your garden needs. The dome shape is not just for looks; it helps the greenhouse warm up faster than traditional ones. The curve keeps the surface at the right angle to the sun all day, which means more light for your plants.

But hey, it’s not just for plants. You can use this Sunbubble for a sunny breakfast, a candlelit dinner, an outdoor playroom, or even just for chilling on a Sunday. It’s a great, budget-friendly option if you want a greenhouse that’s more than just a greenhouse. You can chill in it when it’s too cold to be outside, making it a pretty versatile choice for your garden.

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Octagonal Greenhouse Vs. Traditional Greenhouse – Which Wins?

When comparing an octagonal greenhouse to a traditional (rectangular or square) greenhouse, several factors come into play:

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Octagonal greenhouses often have a more unique and visually appealing design compared to the conventional rectangular greenhouses. They can add an architectural interest to a garden or yard.

  2. Space and Layout: The octagonal shape might offer less usable interior space compared to a rectangular greenhouse of the same footprint, due to the angled corners. However, the layout of an octagonal greenhouse can be advantageous for certain types of plant arrangements.

  3. Light Distribution: The multiple sides of an octagonal greenhouse may allow for more uniform light distribution throughout the day, as the sun moves across the sky. This can be beneficial for plant growth.

  4. Structural Strength: The octagonal design can provide more structural strength against wind and snow load. The multiple sides and angles can help in distributing these forces more evenly than in a traditional rectangular structure.

  5. Ventilation: The design and placement of vents and doors might differ in an octagonal greenhouse, potentially affecting ventilation patterns. Good ventilation is crucial for temperature and humidity control in a greenhouse.

  6. Cost and Construction: Octagonal greenhouses can be more complex and potentially more expensive to build due to their design. The materials and construction techniques might differ from those used in standard greenhouses.

  7. Heat Retention: The shape of the greenhouse can impact its ability to retain heat. An octagonal greenhouse might have different heat retention properties due to its design, potentially affecting the energy efficiency.

  8. Customization and Expansion: Expanding or customizing an octagonal greenhouse can be more challenging than a rectangular one, due to its unique shape and construction requirements.

Each type of greenhouse has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between an octagonal and a traditional greenhouse will depend on individual preferences, needs, and the specific conditions of the location where it will be placed.

If you’re looking for more information on traditional greenhouses, then here’s your next step:
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These 3 octagonal greenhouse examples offer versatile options for your gardening needs. Each greenhouse provides a unique combination of quality materials and spacious layouts to accommodate various plant sizes. They can quickly transform a boring garden into a really special place that you love spending time in.

Whether you’re looking for a decorative statement piece or a functional space to nurture your plants, these octagonal greenhouses are reliable choices that cater to different requirements.


What are the advantages of an octagonal greenhouse?

An octagonal greenhouse provides better air circulation, natural light exposure from multiple angles, and a more spacious layout for plants.

Are octagonal greenhouses suitable for all climates?

Yes, octagonal greenhouses are versatile and can be adapted to different climates with proper ventilation or heating systems as needed.

Here’s what you need to know about heating a greenhouse:
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How much space do I need for installing an octagonal greenhouse?

The space required depends on the size of the greenhouse model chosen; however, it’s important to ensure there is ample room around it for maintenance access.

Can I assemble an octagonal greenhouse by myself?

While some simpler models may be manageable for self-assembly with basic tools, many customers prefer professional installation services to ensure structural integrity and proper sealing against weather.

What materials are used in constructing top quality octagonal greenhouses?

Top-quality options often use durable aluminum frames and high-impact polycarbonate panels for superior strength and insulation properties.

Here’s more information about different greenhouse materials that you can use:
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