8 Surprising Reasons Why People Are Frantically Buying Polycarbonate Greenhouses In 2024…

You might not know this – but Greenhouse sales are growing at almost 10% per year and is set to be worth over $10 billion in 2030. And the leading greenhouse is terms of sales are those polycarbonate greenhouses.

In this article – I’m going to be going through eight surprising reasons why people are buying polycarbonate greenhouses for their gardens in 2024. 🌱

But first…

What Are Polycarbonate Greenhouses?

A polycarbonate greenhouse is a type of greenhouse that uses polycarbonate sheets as its covering material instead of the traditional glass. Polycarbonate is a type of thermoplastic polymer, which is strong, lightweight, and more durable than glass.

They are an amazing solution for amateur gardeners to grow plants in a controlled environment.

Why Are People So Desperate To Buy Polycarbonate Greenhouses?

So let’s get into the 8 surprising reasons why people are buying them so much.

1. They Are Fighting Global Warming

We all know that the earth is getting warmer, the snow is melting and the weather has just gone crazy lately.

The good news – polycarbonate greenhouses are on the front lines in this war for a few reasons:

Controlled EnvironmentGreenhouses allow for the creation of a controlled environment, which can be crucial in regions where climate change is causing more extreme and unpredictable weather patterns. By controlling temperature, humidity, and light, greenhouses enable the cultivation of crops year-round, regardless of external weather conditions.
Enhanced Carbon Dioxide UtilizationPlants in greenhouses can effectively utilize increased levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is one of the primary greenhouse gases contributing to global warming. Some greenhouses are even designed to capture and use CO2 more efficiently, promoting faster plant growth and acting as a sink for CO2.
Reduced Carbon FootprintBy enabling local production of food, greenhouses can reduce the need for long-distance transportation of agricultural products, thereby reducing the carbon footprint associated with food transport.
Water EfficiencyGreenhouses often use advanced irrigation systems that are more water-efficient than traditional farming methods. This is especially important in areas facing water scarcity, a problem that is exacerbated by climate change.

The major reason why they are so good for climate change is the fact that plants capture CO2 and convert them into oxygen. So every greenhouse that pops up means that there is a little more oxygen in the air for all of us.

2. Gardening Boosts Mental Health

Getting dirt under your nails is scientifically proven to make you more happy.

First, it involves physical activity, which stimulates the production of endorphins, the body’s natural mood lifters. This physical exercise, even if mild, can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Second, gardening offers a connection with nature, providing a sense of peace and grounding. Being in a natural environment has been shown to have a calming effect, helping to reduce stress and improve mental well-being.

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Gardening offers a sense of accomplishment and purpose – Watching plants grow and thrive as a result of one’s care fosters feelings of satisfaction and achievement. It also provides an opportunity for creativity and self-expression, which can boost self-esteem and happiness.

The act of nurturing living things also has a positive psychological effect. It can create a sense of responsibility and care, which can be particularly fulfilling. Additionally, gardening can be a form of mindfulness, a practice where one focuses on the present moment, which is known to reduce anxiety and improve mood.

3. Polycarbonate Greenhouses Help You Eat Healthier

There is a direct link between pesticides and cancer. Which is a reason why there is so much outrage over the health industry and all those documentaries popping up about it.

Polycarbonate greenhouses can help you eat better by enabling the cultivation of a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs year-round, regardless of external weather conditions. This accessibility to fresh produce directly impacts your diet quality in several ways.

Firstly – having a greenhouse encourages the consumption of more fresh, home-grown produce, which is typically higher in nutrients compared to store-bought, often over-processed alternatives. Growing your own food also means you can avoid the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals, leading to cleaner, healthier eating.

Secondly – the ability to grow a diverse range of produce means a more varied diet. This diversity is key to good nutrition, as different plants offer different vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

The freshness factor also plays a crucial role. Vegetables and fruits start to lose their nutritional value as soon as they are harvested. By growing your own, you can consume them when they are freshest and most nutritious.

4. Gardening Counts as Exercise

Gardening involves various physical tasks such as lifting planters, digging, and stretching to weed, effectively working out the entire body. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) classifies gardening as a moderate-intensity exercise.

It can burn upwards of 300 calories per hour, which is comparable to the calories burned while golfing and carrying your own clubs. More intense yard tasks like chopping wood or carrying heavy mulch can burn over 400 calories.

Research also indicates that gardening can be beneficial in managing weight gain associated with aging. Beyond calorie burning, gardening offers additional physical advantages, including improved hand strength and dexterity. Additionally, the physical exertion from gardening often leads to better sleep quality.

5. Polycarbonate Greenhouses Are Great For The Community

Polycarbonate greenhouses offer numerous benefits to communities, enhancing both local food systems and social interactions. Firstly, they enable year-round food production, which can increase local food security and reduce dependence on imported produce. This is particularly valuable in areas with harsh climates, where outdoor growing is limited to specific seasons. The availability of fresh, locally grown produce can improve the community’s overall nutrition and health.

Secondly, polycarbonate greenhouses are more durable and cost-effective compared to traditional glass greenhouses, making them a practical choice for community projects. They withstand adverse weather conditions, ensuring a more stable and continuous food supply.

Additionally, community greenhouses can serve as educational spaces, teaching people of all ages about sustainable agriculture, nutrition, and environmental stewardship. They foster community engagement and provide a space for individuals to connect, share knowledge, and work together towards a common goal.

These greenhouses also offer therapeutic benefits. Gardening activities within the greenhouse can reduce stress and promote mental well-being among community members. They create opportunities for physical activity, social interaction, and a sense of accomplishment.

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6. It Can Raise The Value Of Your Property

A polycarbonate greenhouse can potentially raise the value of your property for several reasons:

polycarbonate greenhouses

  • Appeal to Gardening Enthusiasts: For those interested in gardening, a greenhouse is a highly desirable feature. It allows for year-round gardening, regardless of the climate, making the property attractive to a specific market segment.

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: A well-maintained polycarbonate greenhouse can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of a property. It can be seen as an attractive addition to the garden or outdoor area, potentially increasing curb appeal.

  • Durability and Low Maintenance: Polycarbonate is known for its durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions, making it a more appealing option than a traditional glass greenhouse. This low-maintenance aspect can be attractive to potential buyers who want the benefits of a greenhouse without the fragility and upkeep associated with glass.

  • Energy Efficiency: Some polycarbonate greenhouses are designed to be energy-efficient, which can be an attractive feature for environmentally conscious buyers. They can retain heat more effectively than glass, reducing the need for additional heating.

  • Versatility: A greenhouse can be used for a variety of purposes, not just for growing plants. It can serve as a sunroom, a space for outdoor dining, or even an area for relaxation, adding functional value to the property.

  • Lifestyle Trend: With an increasing focus on sustainability, organic gardening, and self-sufficiency, having a greenhouse aligns with these lifestyle trends, making the property more appealing to buyers with these interests.

7. Having A Polycarbonate Greenhouse Is Great For The Whole Family

Gardening offers the flexibility to be enjoyed alone or as a means of spending quality time with family and friends. Sharing the joy and relaxation that comes from tending to a garden can be a wonderful experience with those close to you. Additionally, gardening is particularly beneficial for children.

polycarbonate greenhouses

Early contact with soil has been associated with a range of health advantages, including a decrease in the likelihood of developing allergies and autoimmune conditions.

Plus you just can’t be all those moments that you can spending connecting with your family because of it.

8. Gardening Punishes Dementia, Heart Disease & Diabetes Symptoms

Gardening boosts cognitive function, and one study found it could lead to a 36% lower risk of dementia.

And not only that – but if gives our body access to vitamin D which has been strongly linked with reducing type 2 diabetes symptoms, heart disease, bone health and depression. You just need to make sure that you wear sun cream when you’re out in the sun.

So if you’re worried about your parents aging (like I am) or you just want a way to make everyone’s life better then polycarbonate greenhouses are the way forward.

What Polycarbonate Greenhouses Should You Buy In 2024?

Now that we know exactly why polycarbonate greenhouses are so amazing. Let’s talk about the best greenhouses on the market right now.

Recommendation 1: Palram Canopia Greenhouse

polycarbonate greenhouses

Where To Buy: Amazon

Features & Specs
– Size of 6′ x 10′ x 7′

– Polycarbonate Greenhouse Kit

– Weight of 99 lbs

The Palram Canopia Greenhouse tops our list, skillfully designed for effective cultivation. This greenhouse features robust twin-wall polycarbonate roofing and transparent walls, ensuring optimal sunlight exposure. Its sturdy aluminum frame is treated for rust resistance and is supported by a galvanized steel base, ensuring long-term durability.

The greenhouse is designed for easy self-assembly, with user-friendly instructions included. It boasts a lockable door that can be adjusted for right or left-hand opening, complete with a magnetic catch and an adjustable ventilation window to streamline your gardening activities. Additionally, it comes equipped with an integrated gutter system for efficient water management. This maintenance-free greenhouse, protected against UV rays, provides a reliable and productive environment for plants all year round.

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Prepare to enhance your gardening skills with this robust, user-friendly, and intelligently designed greenhouse!

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

Recommendation 2: Outsunny Greenhouse

Where To Buy: Amazon

Features & Specs
– Size of 6′ x 10′ x 6.5′

– Polycarbonate Greenhouse Kit

– Weight of 81.4 lbs

polycarbonate greenhouses

Elevate your outdoor space into a haven for gardening throughout the year with the Outsunny Polycarbonate Greenhouse. This durable greenhouse, measuring 6 feet by 10 feet, is perfect for nurturing sensitive sprouts and exotic flora, providing superior protection against weather and pests. Its polycarbonate walls are designed for effective insulation and sunlight diffusion, while also protecting your plants from damaging UV rays.

The greenhouse features a cleverly designed roof vent, allowing for precise regulation of the internal temperature to prevent overheating and create ideal growing conditions. The sliding door is not only easy to use but also enhances ventilation, maintaining a fresh environment inside. Built with a powder-coated aluminum frame and bolstered by a robust galvanized steel base, this greenhouse is highly resistant to water and weather. Additionally, it includes rain gutters for efficient water collection, making it a valuable addition to your gardening pursuits.

It’s advisable to position it near a wall to provide extra stability against strong winds.

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

Recommendation 3: Amerlife Hybrid Greenhouse

polycarbonate greenhouses

Where To Buy: Amazon

Features & Specs
– Size of 6′ x 12′ x 7′

– Polycarbonate Greenhouse Kit

– Weight of 118 lbs

Take your plant care to the next level with the Amerlife Hybrid Polycarbonate Greenhouse. This 6×12-foot structure is perfect for growing delicate seedlings or heat-loving plants. Its design includes twin-wall, translucent roofing and tough, shatter-resistant walls that strike a perfect balance between providing enough sunlight and protecting against excessive exposure, safeguarding your plants from potential sun damage.

This greenhouse is built to endure harsh weather, featuring a strong, rust-proof aluminum frame and sturdy PC panels, all supported by a galvanized steel base. It’s engineered to withstand winds up to 56 mph and a snow load of 15.4 pounds per square foot, with pre-drilled holes for additional anchoring.

Water management is made easy with dual-side gutters, facilitating efficient rainwater collection for plant watering. More than just a weather shield, this walk-in greenhouse is a secure, lockable space dedicated to your gardening needs, ensuring that you can cultivate plants effectively in any season.

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

Want More Examples Of Polycarbonate Greenhouses?

I know that it can be difficult to make a decision without all the information. So if you want to find out more about the benefits of polycarbonate greenhouses with some more examples of them, then check out the article below:

The Best Polycarbonate Greenhouses To Buy In 2024 For People On A Budget


In conclusion, the growing popularity of polycarbonate greenhouses in 2024 is a testament to their versatility, environmental benefits, and personal health advantages. They not only contribute to combating climate change and promoting sustainable living but also offer numerous personal benefits such as improved mental and physical health, enhanced property value, and fostering community and family bonds. With the market expanding and various models available, choosing the right greenhouse can significantly impact your gardening experience and overall lifestyle.


What makes polycarbonate greenhouses a better choice over traditional glass greenhouses?

Polycarbonate greenhouses offer superior durability, better insulation, UV protection, and are more cost-effective and safer than traditional glass greenhouses. Their lightweight yet strong structure makes them ideal for a variety of climates and conditions.

Can a polycarbonate greenhouse really improve mental health?

Yes, gardening in a polycarbonate greenhouse can improve mental health by reducing stress and anxiety levels, boosting mood through physical activity, and providing a sense of accomplishment and connection with nature.

Are polycarbonate greenhouses environmentally friendly?

Polycarbonate greenhouses are environmentally friendly as they help in reducing carbon footprint through local food production, use efficient water management systems, and can incorporate renewable energy sources for heating and lighting.

How does owning a polycarbonate greenhouse affect property value?

Owning a polycarbonate greenhouse can increase property value by appealing to gardening enthusiasts, enhancing the property’s aesthetic appeal, and adding a functional and versatile space that aligns with sustainability trends.

What should I consider when buying a polycarbonate greenhouse?

When buying a polycarbonate greenhouse, consider the size, durability, frame material, type of polycarbonate panels, ventilation system, ease of assembly, and additional features like gutter systems and lockable doors. It’s also important to consider the specific requirements of your gardening projects and the local climate conditions.

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