5 Best Pop Up Greenhouses For Easy Gardening In 2024

Gardening can be tough when the weather doesn’t cooperate. A pop up greenhouse has become a popular solution for this problem. Our article lists the 5 best pop up greenhouses that make gardening easier, no matter the season.

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Understanding a Pop Up Greenhouse

Pop Up Greenhouses are easy to set up and provide a convenient solution for protecting plants from the elements. They come in various sizes and styles, offering versatility for both indoor and outdoor gardening needs.

Benefits Of Using a Pop Up Greenhouse:

Pop-up greenhouses offer a range of benefits for gardeners and plant enthusiasts, making them a popular choice for extending the growing season and protecting plants. Here are some of the key advantages:

Easy Setup & Portability:Pop-up greenhouses are designed for quick and easy assembly, often requiring no tools. They can be set up by one person in just a few minutes, making them ideal for those who want a greenhouse solution without the hassle of construction. Their portability allows them to be moved easily, accommodating changing seasons or garden layouts.
Space Efficiency:These greenhouses are available in various sizes, from mini versions that fit on a balcony or patio to larger models that can house a significant number of plants. When not in use, they can be folded down and stored away, taking up minimal space.
Affordability:Compared to traditional glass or polycarbonate greenhouses, pop-up greenhouses are generally more affordable, making them accessible to a wider range of gardeners, from hobbyists to those with more extensive gardening projects.
Optimized Growing Conditions:With features like roll-up doors and vented windows, pop-up greenhouses allow for the regulation of temperature, humidity, and airflow, providing optimal growing conditions for a wide range of plants.
Extend Growing SeasonsBy providing a controlled environment, pop-up greenhouses can extend the growing season by protecting plants from frost, excessive rain, and pests. They allow for an earlier start in the spring and can keep plants growing later into the fall.

CategoryPop Up Greenhouse
Best Tunnel GreenhousePorayhut Pop Up Tunnel
Best Walk-In GreenhouseEagle Peak Pop Up
Best Budget Walk-In GreenhouseOhuhu Walk In
Best Lean-To GreenhouseEagle Peak Lean To
Best Mini GreenhouseVivosun Mini

Let’s go through each of these one by one to make sure that you have all the information you need to make an educated decision.

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#1: Porayhut Pop Up Tunnel (Best Tunnel Greenhouse)

pop up greenhouse

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 49″D x 98″W x 53″H

– Made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

– Nice and tall size (I’m 6 foot and I don’t have to bend over too much to get inside)

– High quality material that will create a cozy environment for your plants.

– Easy to ventilate and control temperatures.

– Super quick and easy to set up.
– It’s not extremely sturdy so make sure that you put this out of the wind or snow.

The Porayhut pop up greenhouse is a convenient, portable solution for gardening enthusiasts looking to protect their plants from the elements. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this greenhouse features a transparent, durable PE plastic cover that allows sunlight to nourish plants while shielding them from too much heat, cold, pests, and dust.

It’s easy to set up with a tunnel style and comes with a frame that’s simple to move, making it ideal for backyard gardening. The structure includes features like UV protection, waterproofing, and a zipper door for easy access and ventilation. The greenhouse is big enough to accommodate good-sized plant pots and seed beds, and its design ensures long-lasting use.

With a focus on quality and convenience, Porayhut provides a practical solution for creating optimal growing conditions for plants, enhancing both warmth and insulation while allowing air, moisture, and sunlight to filter through.

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#2: Eagle Peak Pop Up (Best Walk-In Greenhouse)

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 72″L x 48″W x 88.8″H

– Made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

pop up greenhouse
– Extremely easy to set up: Takes 5 minutes and you don’t need tools.

– Top quality seller that has great customer support.

– High quality materials, nice size and perfect for most gardens.

– Great value for money.
– Not as stable as a polycarbonate greenhouse.

The Eagle Peak 6×4 walk-in greenhouse is all about making gardening simpler and more efficient. With its innovative easy setup technology, this greenhouse is designed to pop up in seconds, requiring no tools or assembly thanks to its pre-assembled frame. It’s perfect for extending the growing season of your plants with minimal effort.

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The spacious interior is great for moving around and fits shelving units for organized plant growth. Features like zippered roll-up doors and mesh windows ensure your plants get the ventilation they need, while the sturdy steel-ceiling roof construction stands up to outdoor conditions. This greenhouse is not only easy to transport as the seasons change but also promises durability and a favorable environment for plants to thrive.

Eagle Peak stands by their product with a 1-year limited protection, highlighting their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re growing vegetables, fruits, or flowers, this greenhouse offers a practical solution for gardeners looking to maximize their yield.

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#3: Ohuhu Walk In (Best Budget Walk-In Greenhouse)

pop up greenhouse

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 56.3″L x 55.5″W x 76.8″H

– Made of high quality polyethylene (PE)

– Great price for a really nice greenhouse

– Nice size: This will let you store 25+ pots with your plants.

– Easy to assemble and move around your garden.

– Really high quality polyethylene that will last for a long time.
– You might need to tape up the windows if you’re in a really cold area because they let in some cold.

The Ohuhu walk-in greenhouse is a gardener’s delight, offering a cozy yet ventilated environment for all kinds of plants. This heavy-duty greenhouse comes with a durable PE cover and features a zippered roll-up door alongside two screen side windows, ensuring your plants stay warm while still getting plenty of air circulation.

It’s quite roomy with 3 tiers and 12 shelves, providing ample space for your blooming flowers, sprouting plants, and fresh veggies. Stability isn’t an issue, thanks to its rust-resistant tubes and a sturdy frame that can support various gardening needs. It’s designed to enhance the look of your green spaces, easily fitting into patios, balconies, or gardens.

Setting it up is a breeze with its detachable parts and no-tool assembly, making it simple to move as the seasons change. This greenhouse is not just about practicality but also about making gardening an easy and enjoyable part of your lifestyle, perfect for seedlings, young plants, or extending the growing season.

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#4: Eagle Peak Lean To (Best Lean-To Greenhouse)

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 108″L x 48″W x 98.4″H

– Made of high quality polyethylene (PE)

pop up greenhouse
– Really easy to assemble, you don’t need tools and you just lean it against a wall.

– I really like the size of this: You can just lean it against a wall out of the way and it will work great for you.

– Looks really nice in the garden.

– Creates nice conditions for your plants.
– A little bit more expensive than other pop up greenhouse options.

The Eagle Peak 9×4 lean to greenhouse is all about combining ease with efficiency. This instant pop-up greenhouse is a dream for gardeners, boasting an innovative setup that allows one person to get it ready in seconds, no tools needed. It’s designed for convenience, easily transported as the seasons shift, ensuring your plants get a longer growing period.

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With a spacious 9×4 ft design, it offers plenty of room to move around and place shelves for your plants (shelves not included, but recommended model available). Its structure is both stable and sturdy, featuring a steel-ceiling roof and comes equipped with expansion bolts for securing to outdoor walls. The greenhouse includes front and rear roll-up zipper doors and roll-up side windows for optimum ventilation and easy access.

Eagle Peak stands behind their product with a 1-year limited warranty, offering peace of mind alongside a robust solution for extending your plant growing season and protecting your greenery in an indoor/outdoor setup.

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#5: Vivosun Mini (Best Mini Greenhouse)

pop up greenhouse

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 49″L x 49″W x 63″H

– Made of thickened polyethylene (PE)

– Really great price for an awesome mini pop up greenhouse.

– Creates a really nice environment for healthy plant growth.

– Very lightweight and easy to move around your garden.

– Made of high quality polyethylene that will last a really long time.
– This is not wind resistant at all, so make sure that you keep it protected.

– Pretty small so plants can quickly grow out of it.

The Vivosun 49x49x63-Inch mini greenhouse is a game-changer for garden enthusiasts looking for a quick and hassle-free way to protect their plants. Its pop-up design is super convenient, letting you set it up solo in just about three minutes. When you’re done using it, it folds away neatly into a compact bag, barely taking up any space. Despite its lightweight structure, thanks to strong fiberglass poles and a thick PE cover, it’s built to last and comes with metal pegs and wind ropes to keep it grounded against the elements.

This mini greenhouse has a neat trick up its sleeve with its detachable base, giving you the flexibility to use it indoors for potted plants or outdoors directly over garden beds. The transparent PE fabric is not just tear-proof and waterproof but also ensures your plants get plenty of sunlight while staying protected from bad weather. A zippered roll-up door and mesh window make access and ventilation a breeze, creating a cozy, humid environment for your plants to flourish in.

Whether you’re aiming to extend your growing season or protect your tender seedlings from frost, this greenhouse has got you covered.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Pop Up Greenhouse

Consider the size and material for your specific gardening needs. Inspect for ventilation and durability features to ensure long-lasting use.

Consider the size and material

When choosing a pop-up greenhouse, prioritize the size and material. Ensure that the dimensions of the greenhouse can accommodate your plants while fitting into your available space.

Look for durable materials such as UV-resistant PVC or polyethylene covers and sturdy frames made of steel or aluminum. These materials will ensure longevity and protection for your plants against harsh weather conditions.

Inspect the greenhouse’s structure to confirm its stability and wind resistance, especially if you’re considering using it outdoors. Additionally, consider the weight of the material as it impacts portability and ease of setup if you plan to move it around frequently.

Furthermore, ventilation is crucial for plant health; therefore, look for greenhouses with windows or vents to provide proper airflow.

Inspect for ventilation and durability

When choosing a pop-up greenhouse, inspect the structure for adequate ventilation and durability. Look for features like windows or vents to ensure proper air circulation, which is essential for plant health.

Additionally, check the material and frame of the greenhouse to ensure it can withstand outdoor elements such as wind and snow. Strong materials like reinforced polyethylene or powder-coated steel frames are ideal for durability.

Inspecting the pop-up greenhouse for ventilation and durability is crucial in ensuring that your plants thrive while being protected from harsh weather conditions. Adequate airflow will prevent issues like mold and mildew, while a durable structure will provide longevity for your gardening needs, making it an essential consideration when selecting a pop-up greenhouse for easy gardening solutions.

Check for additional features and accessories

Look for greenhouses with added features like adjustable shelving, hooks for hanging tools, and zippered doors for easy access. Some pop-up greenhouses also come with extra accessories such as plant hangers or stakes to secure the structure.

These additional features and accessories can enhance the functionality and convenience of your gardening experience.

When choosing a pop-up greenhouse, you may also want to explore options that include weather-resistant covers, UV protection, or built-in irrigation systems. Consider what additional features and accessories will best suit your gardening needs and make the most of your investment in a pop-up greenhouse.

Here are our favorite accessories to boost any greenhouse:
14 Best Greenhouse Accessories That You Need In 2024


With the right pop up greenhouse, gardening becomes a breeze. Enjoy effortless plant protection and cultivation in any weather condition. Choose from our top 5 recommendations for hassle-free, easy gardening.

Experience the joy of growing your plants with these convenient, portable solutions that cater to all your indoor and outdoor gardening needs.


How do I set up a pop-up greenhouse?

Setting up a pop-up greenhouse is simple – unfold the frame, secure it in place, and cover it with the provided material.

Can I use a pop-up greenhouse for indoor gardening?

Yes, you can use a greenhouse pop up option indoors to create a controlled environment for growing plants.

What types of plants are suitable for a pop-up greenhouse?

A variety of plants thrive in pop-up greenhouses, including herbs, flowers, vegetables, and smaller potted plants.

Are pop-up greenhouses durable enough to withstand outdoor weather conditions?

Many pop-up greenhouses are designed to withstand outdoor elements; however, their durability may vary based on quality and construction materials. One big trend with them is you want to put them somewhere sheltered because they aren’t designed to withstand strong wind.

Do I need any special tools to assemble a pop-up greenhouse?

No special tools are required as most pop-up greenhouses come with all necessary assembly equipment and instructions for easy setup.

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