How To Build A Shed Greenhouse Combo In Your Yard In 9 Simple Steps…

Garden space is tight for many of us, but we still want to grow fresh veggies and flowers. A shed greenhouse combo merges storage with plant nurturing places under one roof. This blog will show you how this clever setup can transform your gardening game.

And more important – how to build a shed greenhouse combo in your yard in 9 simple steps.

Let’s dig in ⛏

What is a Shed Greenhouse Combo and its Benefits?

A shed greenhouse combo is a versatile structure that maximizes space and efficiency by combining a climate-controlled greenhouse with extra storage space for gardening materials. It provides the convenience of having both a place to grow plants and store tools in one compact area.

Maximizes space and efficiency

Combining a greenhouse with a shed takes full advantage of compact living and gardening. It cleverly integrates two vital backyard structures into one, providing a dedicated area for plants to thrive while keeping tools and supplies neatly organized in an adjoining space.

This multifunctional approach not only saves valuable yard space but also streamlines garden tasks, making the process more efficient and hassle-free.

Every square inch is purposeful in a shed greenhouse combo. Vertical shelving allows for more plants in the growing area, optimizing the use of vertical space for propagation or decorative plant display.

Gardeners delight in the convenience of having everything close at hand — from potting soil to pruning shears — reducing time spent searching for tools and increasing productivity during planting season.

This smart utilization turns even small outdoor areas into powerhouse greenhouses without sacrificing storage needs.

Provides a climate-controlled greenhouse

A climate-controlled greenhouse means you can create the perfect environment for your plants, no matter what’s happening outside. This feature of a shed greenhouse combo lets you adjust temperature, humidity, and light levels to meet the needs of different plant species.

You’ll have the power to extend growing seasons by keeping tender seedlings warm during unpredictable spring frosts or by nurturing heat-loving vegetables well into fall.

With precise control over your gardening environment, pests and harsh weather won’t stand a chance against your green oasis. Insulation keeps the warmth in during cold snaps while proper ventilation prevents overheating on sunny days.

Your plants get consistent conditions year-round – a key ingredient for boosting yields and enjoying vibrant flowers every season.

Extra space for storage and potting materials

shed greenhouse combo

Having extra space in your shed greenhouse combo means you can neatly store all your gardening tools, pots, soil bags, and fertilizers. This dedicated storage area keeps everything organized and within reach when it’s time to tend to your plants or start new seedlings.

The added room is not just for storing items; it also serves as a convenient potting station. You can work on planting and transplanting right there without having to go back and forth from the garden to another workspace.

With shelves and hooks installed, you can maximize vertical space for even more efficient storage solutions. Gardeners find this feature incredibly helpful because it provides an uncluttered area for focusing on gardening tasks while keeping supplies dry and protected from pests.

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An orderly space leads to a more productive gardening experience where every tool has its place, making it easier than ever to get down to the joyful work of growing beautiful plants all season long.

Do You Really Want To Build A Shed Greenhouse Combo?

As you probably already know – building things takes a lot of work and effort. This isn’t always right for everyone so I wouldn’t be serving you if I didn’t give you a few options of greenhouses you can get that aren’t DIY.

Another option is to get a portable greenhouse and then place it in your shed to get the benefits of the greenhouse without all the construction.

Here is an example…

Example 1: Quictent Mini Portable Greenhouse

shed greenhouse combo

Where To Buy: Amazon

Features & Specs:
– Dimensions of 98″L x 49″W x 53″H

– Made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

– Super portable pop-up greenhouse tent that can be set up in under 5 minutes

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

The Quictent Mini Portable Greenhouse offers a convenient and efficient solution for growing plants both outdoors and indoors. With its considerable size of 98 x 49 x 53 inches, it provides ample space for a variety of plants. Setting it up is a breeze – simply unfold the cover and insert two folding fiberglass poles. This greenhouse is crafted from eco-friendly materials, including durable 600D oxford fabric and a clear PVC cover, ensuring water resistance and protection from excessive sunlight. Its construction is reinforced with steel-wire rods and sturdy fiberglass poles.

Designed to withstand challenging weather conditions, this greenhouse includes six stakes for enhanced stability. It features four large zippers for easy access and secure buckles to keep the zippers in place. The two zippered windows allow you to control the internal environment, adjusting both sunlight and temperature as needed. The extended cover, which can be tucked into the soil, ensures your plants are well-protected. This greenhouse is an ideal choice for those with garden boxes or a passion for flower gardening.

You can find more examples of portable greenhouses in this article:
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You Can Also Go For A Polycarbonate Greenhouse Kit And Add Storage Space

The greenhouse kits are really amazing nowadays, so you can get a kit and then add in some storage space for your tools which is another path to getting the shed greenhouse combo without the construction.

Here are two great recommendations for polycarbonate greenhouse kits.

Example 1: Palram Canopia Greenhouse

shed greenhouse combo

Where To Buy: Amazon

Features & Specs
– Size of 6′ x 10′ x 7′

– Polycarbonate Greenhouse Kit

– Weight of 99 lbs

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

The Palram Canopia Greenhouse is masterfully crafted to enhance plant growth, incorporating sturdy twin-wall polycarbonate roofing and clear side panels for optimal sunlight exposure. Its strong aluminum frame is treated to resist oxidation, and the inclusion of a galvanized steel base adds to its longevity.

Ideal for DIY enthusiasts, this greenhouse offers easy-to-follow assembly instructions. It features a reversible, lockable door with a magnetic catch and an adjustable ventilation window, making it highly adaptable to any gardening needs. The built-in gutter system efficiently manages rainwater, adding to its convenience.

With UV protection and low maintenance requirements, this greenhouse is designed to support a thriving gardening experience for years to come.

Get ready to upgrade your gardening with this durable, user-friendly, and intelligently designed greenhouse!

Example 2: Outsunny Greenhouse

Where To Buy: Amazon

Features & Specs
– Size of 6′ x 10′ x 6.5′

– Polycarbonate Greenhouse Kit

– Weight of 81.4 lbs

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

Transform your outdoor area into a thriving garden oasis throughout the year with the Outsunny Polycarbonate Greenhouse. This sturdy 6′ x 10′ structure is expertly crafted to nurture delicate seedlings and exotic plants, offering protection from extreme weather and pests. Its polycarbonate panels provide excellent insulation and light distribution, while also shielding your plants from harmful UV rays.

The greenhouse is equipped with a smartly designed roof vent to control the internal temperature, ensuring that your plants enjoy optimal growing conditions without overheating. The sliding door not only facilitates easy entry but also aids in air circulation, creating a pleasant environment inside. Constructed with a powder-coated aluminum frame and a strong galvanized steel base, the greenhouse is designed to endure harsh weather. It also features rain gutters for effective water collection, making it a practical addition to your gardening toolkit.

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For added stability, especially in windy areas, it’s recommended to anchor the greenhouse against a wall.

Want more examples?
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shed greenhouse combo

Now – the moment you’ve been waiting for 🙂

Here are the steps that you should follow when building your shed greenhouse combo:

#1: Planning and Design

  • Determine Purpose: Decide the primary function for each section (shed for storage, greenhouse for plants).
  • Size and Location: Consider the size and location based on your yard space, sunlight exposure, and accessibility.
  • Design: Sketch a design or use software to plan the layout. Consider the integration of the shed and greenhouse areas.
  • Permits: Check with local authorities for any building permits or regulations.

#2: Foundation

  • Type: Choose a foundation type (concrete slab, gravel, or wooden frame) based on your design and soil type.
  • Construction: Clear and level the area. Build the foundation ensuring it’s level and stable.

#3: Framing

  • Materials: Select materials for the frame (wood or metal) that are durable and suitable for both shed and greenhouse.
  • Building the Frame: Erect the frame according to your design, ensuring structural integrity for both sections.

#4: Greenhouse Section

  • Glazing Material: Choose glazing material for the greenhouse (glass, polycarbonate panels, or plastic sheeting).
  • Install the glazing: Ensure it’s secure and sealed to retain heat and moisture.
Here’s a detailed guide on glazing material for your greenhouse:
The Best Materials To Use For Your Greenhouse Roof: A Comprehensive Guide

#5: Shed Section

  • Walls and Roof: Construct the walls and roof using appropriate materials (wood, metal, or vinyl siding).
  • Insulation: Consider insulating the shed part if it will be used in colder months.
Here’s more information on shading your plants:
Greenhouse Shade Cloth 101: The Secrets to Rapid Plant Growth & Protection

#6: Integration

  • Joining Both Sections: Ensure a seamless integration of both sections, paying attention to structural stability and weatherproofing.
  • Internal Access: If desired, include internal access between the shed and greenhouse.

#7: Doors and Windows

  • Installation: Install doors and windows in both sections, considering ventilation needs for the greenhouse.
Here’s what you should know about greenhouse windows:
A Detailed Guide To Greenhouse Windows: What You Need To Know

#8: Interior Setup

  • Shed Interior: Install shelves, hooks, or benches as needed for storage.
  • Greenhouse Interior: Set up plant benches, watering systems, and possibly heating for plant growth.
Here’s how you can choose shelving that works for you:
Everything You Need To Know About Choosing & Setting Up Greenhouse Shelving

#9: Finishing Touches

  • Painting or Staining: Paint or stain the shed for weather protection and aesthetic appeal.
  • Landscaping: Landscape around the structure to integrate it into your yard.

Here’s a great video that shows a greenhouse shed combo build from start to finish so that you can follow along:

Features to Consider When Choosing a Shed Greenhouse Combo

Consider the size and design options that best fit your gardening needs. Look for features like windows and ventilation to ensure proper air circulation. Pay attention to wall stud spacing to accommodate shelving and storage solutions.

Size and design options

When considering a shed greenhouse combo, it is important to explore different size and design options that best fit your gardening needs. Here are key factors to consider when choosing the size and design of your shed greenhouse combo:

shed greenhouse combo

Space utilization: Ensure the structure allows for maximum use of available space for both storage and gardening purposes.

Customizable features: Look for options that allow you to personalize the design, such as adding shelves, workbenches, or potting benches.

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Insulation: Opt for a design that provides proper insulation to maintain a favorable growing environment throughout the year.

Ventilation: Select a size and design that includes adequate ventilation options to regulate temperature and airflow within the greenhouse.

Lighting considerations: Choose a design that enables natural light to reach plants while also allowing for additional artificial lighting if needed.

Access points: Evaluate designs that provide convenient access points for entering and exiting the structure with tools, materials, and potted plants.

Climate compatibility: Consider the local climate when choosing the size and design of your shed greenhouse combo to ensure optimal performance in varying weather conditions.

Vertical gardening potential: Assess whether the design allows for vertical gardening options, maximizing space for plant growth without compromising storage capacity.

Wall stud spacing

Consider the wall stud spacing when planning your shed greenhouse combo. The typical wall stud spacing for a strong and stable structure is 16 inches on center, ensuring adequate support for the walls and roof.

This spacing allows for efficient installation of insulation and ensures that shelving or other storage features can be securely attached to the walls.

Adequate wall stud spacing in your shed greenhouse combo provides structural integrity, allowing for optimal insulation to control temperature variations within the greenhouse space.

Greenhouse Watering & Lighting Systems

Ensure your plants receive the proper care with the right watering and lighting systems in your shed greenhouse combo. Learn how to create an optimal environment for your plants to thrive indoors.

Read on to discover more about maximizing efficiency in your gardening space!

Importance of proper watering and lighting

Proper watering and lighting are essential for the success of plants in a shed greenhouse combo. Adequate watering ensures that plants receive the necessary moisture for growth, while proper lighting promotes photosynthesis and healthy development.

It is crucial to monitor soil moisture levels regularly and provide adequate water as needed, especially during the growing season. Additionally, ensuring sufficient natural or artificial light will help plants thrive, making it important to consider windows and additional lighting fixtures when setting up a shed greenhouse combo.

Incorporating automated watering systems can help maintain consistent moisture levels even when tending to other gardening tasks. Likewise, integrating efficient lighting solutions such as LED grow lights further supports plant growth throughout the year.

Here’s what you need to know about lighting:
How To Choose the Best Greenhouse Lights for Optimal Plant Growth and Health

Options for Automated Systems

Automated watering and lighting systems offer convenient solutions for maintaining an optimal growing environment. They help ensure plants receive the right amount of water and light without constant manual monitoring.

  1. Automated Irrigation Systems: These systems can be set up to deliver precise amounts of water at specific times, ensuring plants are consistently and efficiently watered.
  2. Timers and Sensors: Utilize timers and sensors to automate watering schedules based on plant needs and environmental conditions, reducing the risk of over or under-watering.
  3. Drip Irrigation: Implement drip irrigation systems that deliver water directly to the roots of plants, promoting efficient water usage and minimizing moisture-related issues.
  4. Programmable Lighting Controls: Use programmable lighting controls to create consistent day-length cycles, providing adequate light for plant growth regardless of external factors such as weather conditions or daylight variations.
  5. Climate Control Automation: Integrate automatic climate control systems that adjust temperature and ventilation based on preset parameters, creating an optimal environment for plant growth throughout the day and night.
  6. Remote Monitoring: Consider options with remote monitoring capabilities that allow you to access and control your automated systems from a distance, providing added convenience and flexibility in managing your greenhouse environment.


Maximize gardening space with a shed greenhouse combo. Enjoy the convenience of storing tools and supplies in one structure. Create an efficient and productive gardening environment with this multifunctional solution.


How can a shed greenhouse combo maximize space and efficiency?

A shed greenhouse combo provides storage space while also allowing for year-round gardening, making the most of your outdoor area.

Can I build a shed greenhouse combo myself?

Yes, with the right tools and a good understanding of construction, it’s possible to build a shed greenhouse combo yourself using kits or plans available online or at hardware stores.

What are the advantages of having a shed greenhouse combo in my yard?

Having a shed greenhouse combo allows you to cultivate plants all year, store gardening tools and equipment conveniently, and enhance the visual appeal of your yard with beautiful greenery.

Do I need special permits to install a shed greenhouse combo on my property?

Depending on local regulations and zoning laws, you may need permits before installing a shed greenhouse combination. It’s essential to check with your local authorities before beginning construction.

What kind of maintenance does a shed greenhouse combo require?

Regular maintenance includes cleaning the windows for sunlight exposure, monitoring temperature control inside the structure, and ensuring proper organization within both the garden space and storage area.

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