Yardistry Greenhouse In 2024: Is The Meridian Any Good?

If you’ve shopped around for a greenhouse for any period of time then there’s a strong chance that you’ve see the Yardistry greenhouse kits.

ardistry is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality outdoor structures. They are known for their beautiful and durable products that are made primarily from cedar wood.

But are they actually good?

Here’s the summary:

“The Yardistry Meridian 6.7′ x 7.8′ is arguably the best wood greenhouse on the market. Not only is it incredibly well designed, easy to construct and looks great… But it also creates a nice comfortable space for your plants. It’s a little on the pricier side, but you’re going to struggle to find something better out there.”

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yardistry greenhouse

So that’s what we got for you after spending some time with this Yardistry greenhouse. If you want to get the best price then click the link below, otherwise keep reading for more information about the pros, cons and key features of this greenhouse.

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Yardistry Greenhouse Review: Meridian 6.7′ x 7.8′

yardistry greenhouse

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 93.6″L x 80.4″W x 92.4″H

– Made of 100% premium cedar lumber and finished in a natural cedar stain color

– Includes Double-Wall Polycarbonate Windows

– Door Opening Dimensions: 26.75 in. x 76.5 in

Overall Thoughts:


The Yardistry Greenhouse is an amazing cedar structure that I’m really impressed with. It’s not only beautiful but also very functional. The high-quality materials, like sturdy cedar wood and polycarbonate windows, make it both durable and great to look at. The windows provide excellent insulation and UV protection, which really helps the plants thrive.

The assembly process was pretty smooth for me, thanks to the detailed instructions and helpful video guides. Even if you’re not a building expert, you can get it done with some patience. It’s easier with a helper, but possible to do alone. However, it’s worth noting that the assembly can be time-consuming. It took me several days to complete, and a few parts, like the windows, were a bit tricky to put together.

The automatic roof vent works well for temperature control, though it might need extra securing in windy areas. Despite a few hiccups, Yardistry’s excellent customer service quickly addressed any missing or damaged parts. I did have to buy some extra caulking because it ran out.

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Overall, I’m really pleased with the Yardistry Greenhouse. It’s highly praised for its quality, ease of assembly, thoughtful design, and strong customer support. It’s a fantastic addition to my garden.

Pros And Cons

– Assembly is pretty easy and you can do it by yourself, but we recommend having 2 or more people.

– Great customer service. They are very open to feedback or to answer questions so you won’t be stuck.

– It works remarkably well, it creates a nice environment for plants and is well constructed.

– Has some well thought out and handy features that make your gardening easy. See the key features below for more information.

– Nice 5-year warranty.
– Quite pricey

– There wasn’t enough caulking included to seal it so you might want to buy some more.
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Key Features:

The Yardistry greenhouse comes with a range of impressive features designed to create the ideal environment for your plants. One standout feature is the louvered base wall vent, essential for optimum air intake and maintaining plant health. Combined with the heat-sensitive, automatic roof vent opener, the greenhouse efficiently regulates temperature and humidity.

Inside, you’ll find a 16-inch wide lower shelf and an 8-inch wide upper shelf lining two sides of the interior. These shelves are perfect for organizing your gardening tools and supplies. The cedar door is equipped with a latch and closer, featuring a quick-hold option to keep the door open when needed.

The greenhouse’s double-wall polycarbonate windows are particularly robust and durable. They provide better insulation compared to single-wall polycarbonate and offer excellent UV protection, preventing fading and ensuring your plants receive the light they need. The 6-foot high sidewalls add to the spacious feel, increasing light and air volume for healthier plant growth. This extra height also lets you double up on shelves to maximize the interior space.

The 32-inch high cedar base walls, constructed in a tongue-and-groove style, not only enhance the greenhouse’s aesthetic appeal but also offer practical storage for gardening tools, keeping them out of sight. Plus, these sturdy walls provide added protection from lawn mowers.

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Other Details:

The Yardistry 6.7′ x 7.8′ Meridian Greenhouse is a sturdy and stylish addition to any garden. It features beige double-wall polycarbonate windows that provide great insulation and UV protection, helping your plants grow well. The 6-foot-high side walls offer plenty of space and good airflow, while the cedar base walls, which are 32 inches high, come with built-in shelves for extra storage.

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The greenhouse has a heat-sensitive automatic roof vent to maintain the right temperature and humidity, and a louvered base wall vent for proper air intake. The cedar door includes a latch and closer that can hold the door open when needed. Everything is made from high-quality, pre-stained cedar that can handle the weather.

Assembly is straightforward with pre-cut and pre-drilled parts, easy-to-follow instructions, and a helpful video. Yardistry offers a five-year limited warranty on this greenhouse, ensuring you can rely on its quality and durability.

How Long Does The Yardistry Greenhouse Take To Assemble?

The Yardistry greenhouse assembly is a breeze, even for those who aren’t seasoned builders. The kit comes in two tightly packed boxes and includes well-orchestrated instructions, complete with a video and books in multiple languages. We started by laying out all the parts in the yard, and to our surprise, every piece fit together like Legos. Though we had to screw them in, the assembly process was smooth, with a satisfying “thump” sound as the parts clicked into place.

With 2 people, it took us about 9 hours to put the greenhouse together. The only improvement I’d suggest is having a permanent marking on the UV side of the window, as it was hard to check if we installed it correctly after removing the plastic film.

Despite this minor hiccup, the whole experience was enjoyable. The automatic opener in the roof works amazingly well, adjusting with temperature changes—it’s fun to watch it in action.

You can grab the greenhouse instructions here to get an ide of how easy assembly is.

And you can watch this short video below to see it being made:

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Where To Buy The Yardistry Greenhouse?

Costco is a popular place to buy a Yardistry greenhouse, but I don’t actually recommend that you get it from there because of a few reasons.

1 – Amazon delivers to your door. The boxes that comes with this are bulky and big, so it’s a proper hassle to have to pick it up yourself.

2 – Amazon has easy returns, so if you have an issue then it’s simple to give it back.

3 – Amazon is also extremely responsive and are available 24/7 to help you.

With that in mind, this is where I recommend you get it:

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Why is Cedar Such a Good Greenhouse Material?

Cedar is a fantastic material for greenhouses because:

Naturally Tough and Long-Lasting:Cedar resists rot and insect damage, so it stays strong over time.
Great Smell and Appearance:Cedar smells wonderful and adds a beautiful touch to any garden.
Low Maintenance:Its natural oils protect it from the elements, reducing the need for frequent upkeep.
Good Insulation:Cedar helps keep your greenhouse warm in the winter and cool in the summer, benefiting your plants.

Maintenance and Care Tips

Taking care of your Yardistry Greenhouse is easy:

  • Seal the Cedar: Apply a sealant or wood preservative every couple of years to protect it from the weather.

  • Clean the Windows: Use a gentle soap and water solution to keep the polycarbonate windows clean without scratching them.

  • Check Vents: Ensure the automatic roof vent and louvered base vent are working properly.

  • Tighten Loose Screws: Regularly check for and tighten any loose screws or parts.

  • Reseal Caulking: Inspect the caulking and reseal any worn-out areas to maintain good insulation.
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Related Products and Accessories

Enhance your Yardistry Greenhouse with these accessories:

  • Greenhouse Heater: Maintains the perfect temperature during colder months.

  • Extra Shelving Units: Maximizes your space and keeps everything organized.

  • Shade Cloth: Protects your plants from excessive sun in the summer.

  • Drip Irrigation System: Makes watering your plants easier and more efficient.

  • Gardening Tools: Essential items like pruning shears and a soil moisture meter help you take better care of your plants.
Here are our favorite greenhouse accessories:
14 Best Greenhouse Accessories That You Need In 2024


If you’re in the market for a high-quality greenhouse, the Yardistry Meridian 6.7′ x 7.8′ is an excellent choice. It’s beautifully designed, made from durable cedar, and packed with features that make it perfect for growing plants. The assembly process is straightforward, especially with detailed instructions and video guides, though it can take some time.

Despite being a bit pricier, the quality and functionality make it worth the investment. The greenhouse offers excellent insulation and UV protection, and its automatic roof vent helps maintain the perfect growing environment. Plus, Yardistry’s customer service is top-notch, quickly addressing any issues that may arise.

For the best buying experience, we recommend getting it from Amazon. They deliver right to your door, have an easy return policy, and offer great customer support.

Enhance your gardening experience with related products like greenhouse heaters, extra shelving, and drip irrigation systems. Taking good care of your Yardistry Greenhouse with regular maintenance will ensure it lasts for years, providing a beautiful and functional space for your plants.

So, if you’re ready to upgrade your gardening game, the Yardistry Meridian Greenhouse is definitely worth considering. Happy gardening!

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How long does it take to build a Yardistry greenhouse?

Building a Yardistry greenhouse usually takes about 9-10 hours with two people. The kit comes with detailed instructions and video guides, making the process smoother. Just take your time and follow the steps carefully.

What side of the house is best for a greenhouse?

The best side of the house for a greenhouse is the south side. This location gets the most sunlight throughout the day, which is ideal for plant growth. If the south side isn’t an option, the east or west side can also work well.

What is the best wood for a greenhouse?

Cedar is one of the best woods for a greenhouse. It’s naturally resistant to rot and insects, smells great, and looks beautiful. Cedar also has good insulation properties, helping to keep your greenhouse warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

How long will a cedar greenhouse last?

A well-maintained cedar greenhouse can last for many years, often 10-20 years or more. Regularly applying a sealant or wood preservative and taking care of the structure will help extend its lifespan.

Where not to put a greenhouse?

Avoid placing your greenhouse in shaded areas or spots prone to strong winds. Also, steer clear of locations with poor drainage or areas too close to large trees, which can drop leaves and debris. Make sure the site gets plenty of sunlight and is relatively sheltered from harsh weather.

yardistry greenhouse
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