Best 10×10 Greenhouse Kits For People On A Budget

Finding 10×10 greenhouses if you’re on a budget isn’t a walk in the park. As soon as you mention that you’re looking for something that isn’t too expensive then it seems like the quality immediately plummets. That’s why we found the best rated 10×10 greenhouse kits and took them through hell to see if they are any good.

Based on our findings:

“The Outsunny 10×10 walk-in greenhouse was the best 10×10 greenhouse that we found. Not only is it extremely well priced, but it also is made of high-quality polyethylene that will keep your plants cozy and promote growth. This is the 10×10 greenhouse that we will be using in our garden.”

But if you’re interested in a bit more information, or maybe you just love reading (1) about greenhouses (like me), then let’s go into the reviews of these 10×10 greenhouse kits.

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The 4 Budget-Friendly 10×10 Greenhouse Kits We Tested

Type Of Greenhouse10×10 Greenhouse
Polyethylene Hoop GreenhouseOutsunny 10’x10′
Polycarbonate Walk-in GreenhouseMellcom 10’x10′
Polyethylene Hoop GreenhouseGrezone 10’x10′
Polyethylene Pop-up GreenhouseOutfine 10’x10′

#1: Outsunny 10’x10′ (Polyethylene Hoop Greenhouse)

10x10 greenhouse

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 118.1″L x 118.1″W x 78.7″H

– Hoop greenhouse made of polyethylene (PE) and steel bars

– Window Size: 13.75″ L x 13.75″ W

– Door Size: 78.75″ L x 63″ W

– Great price

– The PE cover keeps the humidity high and allows 85% UV penetration which is good for vegetables and flowers.

– It is extremely sturdy (even in moderate winds)

– The assembly process was easy with clear instructions provided
– I found the door a little bit hard to open because of the large width (I had to stretch).


The Outsunny 10′ x 10′ x 6.5′ Walk-in Tunnel Hoop Greenhouse is designed for avid gardeners, offering a personal nursery space for a variety of plants including vegetables, herbs, flowers, and tropical plants. It’s equipped to manage heat, humidity, and protect against UV damage, as well as adverse weather and animals. The greenhouse features a large zipper door for easy access and eight roll-up mesh windows for adjustable ventilation.

Constructed with a two-layer 140 GSM PE cover with a reinforcement grid to prevent tearing, it allows 85% sunlight through while blocking harmful UV rays and maintaining high humidity. The sturdy steel frame is powder-coated for water resistance and includes seven crossbars and two diagonal bars for enhanced stability, offering a spacious 15′ x 7′ growing area.

Overall dimensions are 118″ L x 118″ W x 78.75″ H, with window and door sizes provided to ensure ample ventilation and accessibility.

Should You Buy It?

Yes – I would do it. Based on the testing that we did, we found that this is a really high quality 10×10 greenhouse that you can grab at a great price. It withstands solid wind and light snow without a problem, but I would still keep it away from strong winds if possible. The only negative I found was the door was hard to open, but this isn’t a deal-breaker in any way.

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Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#2: Mellcom 10’x10′ (Polycarbonate Walk-in Greenhouse)

10x10 greenhouse kit

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 10′ x 10′ x 10.3′

– Walk-in greenhouse made of polycarbonate and a steel frame

– Wind Rating: 60 MPH; Snow Load Capacity: 18 PSF.

– Allow a maximum of 90% light transmission and blocks up to 99.10% UV rays

– Includes 4 adjustable roof vents and two sliding doors for access and ventilation.

– Customer service was really helpful and happy to give guidance in the assembly process.

– Pretty design that looks good in the garden.

– I found that is maintained humidity well, and I liked the four roof vents that they included so that we could control ventilation well.

– It was a good price for a polycarbonate greenhouse.
– This was pretty difficult to assemble, the instructions weren’t super clear.

– It isn’t the most stable polycarbonate greenhouse, so you should reinforce it.


The Mellcom 10′ x 10′ x 10.3′ greenhouse offers easy access with two sliding doors and ensures a well-ventilated environment for plants through four adjustable roof vents. Its sloping roof design aids in rainwater drainage. Constructed with a powder-coated aluminum frame for rust resistance and featuring a unique ground base for added stability, it’s designed to withstand severe weather with a wind rating of 60 MPH and snow load capacity of 18 PSF.

The greenhouse uses 4 mm-thick translucent twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels that allow 90% light transmission, block up to 99.10% UV rays, and retain heat, creating an ideal growing environment. It serves as an all-in-one gardening space for growing plants and storing gardening tools.

The product, shipped in two boxes, includes all necessary installation instructions and hardware. Customers are advised to prepare a 5-inch-deep area for the greenhouse foundation for enhanced stability.

Should You Buy It?

Probably not. Based on the testing that we did I found that it didn’t live up to the hype with stability. This won’t really withstand high winds and if you’re looking for a polycarbonate greenhouse then you’d be better off looking at other budget options.

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#3: Grezone 10’x10′ (Polyethylene Hoop Greenhouse)

10x10 greenhouse for sale

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 119″L x 119″W x 79″H

– Walk-in tunnel greenhouse made of polyethylene and a heavy duty steel frame

– 6 exhaust vents for cross ventilation and 2 doors with zippers.

– The PE cover is 140g/m2 and blocks up to 80% UV rays

– Supported by powder-coated finish heavy duty steel frame

– The assembly process was really easy. The instructions were clear and it took a few hours to get done with 2 people.

– High quality PE cover and it fits really nice on the frame.

– Maintains nice humidity and is completely waterproof.

– I really liked the appearance of this 10×10 greenhouse. It looked really nice and I was happy with it.
– This greenhouse is only moderately sturdy, I would most likely put it somewhere more sheltered from wind and snow.


The Grezone greenhouse is built for durability, featuring a premium galvanized finish/heavy-duty steel frame, crossbars, and four reinforced diagonal bars. It requires simple assembly with butterfly screws. This greenhouse includes dual zippered doors: a mesh door for ventilation and a PE cover door for warmth, each with independent zippers to meet different needs.

Additionally, six exhaust vents are designed for cross ventilation. It’s constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, wind, frost, sun, and snow, offering robust protection for plants. The 140g/m2 PE grid cover provides UV 80+ protection, doubling its service life by being 100% waterproof and UV-resistant compared to standard covers.

The PE cover is also odorless for comfortable use within the greenhouse, closely fitting the frame to enhance warmth and wind resistance during winter. The powder-coated steel frame adds to its durability and rust resistance, ensuring a longer-lasting structure.

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Should You Buy It?

Yes. This is a really nice budget greenhouse that will make you really happy. It looks great, maintains heat and also protects your plants from harsh sunlight. It was easy to assemble and it will serve its purpose really well. The only negative was the sturdiness, but this is kinda expected when there isn’t a foundation.

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#4: Outfine 10’x10′ (Polyethylene Pop-up Greenhouse)

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 98.4 x 72 x 90 inches

– Pop up greenhouse made of polyethylene and an iron frame

– Weight of 47.1 pounds

– Allow a maximum of 80% light transmission

– One zippered door and two windows for access and ventilation.

– Pop up greenhouses are always fun because they take just a few minutes to set up. This was no exception and it was really easy.

– Really nice price attached to this greenhouse.

– High quality PE cover that will last for a long time and doesn’t carry an odor.

– I liked that it had three-level height adjustment that lets you put it higher depending on the plants (and if you don’t want to crouch).
– Struggles a bit with stability, I would NOT keep this in places that are likely to be windy.

– The zipper regularly got caught for me.


The Outfine 10’x10′ pop up greenhouse offers a quick, tool-free setup, making it possible for two people to assemble it in minutes thanks to its innovative, installation-free design and pre-assembled frame. The greenhouse’s structure is supported by thick 30*30 diameter iron poles, ensuring strength and stability to protect plants during winter.

Its stylish and practical PE cover not only safeguards plants in colder months but also allows for ample sunlight, promoting plant growth. The structure features front and back doors along with large side windows for enhanced ventilation and easy access. Additionally, it includes a three-level height adjustment feature to accommodate various plant sizes and gardening needs, with easy adjustment mechanisms.

The greenhouse provides a spacious 10’x10′ area for a broad range of plants and gardening activities, supported by an 8′ height for upward growth. To ensure durability and stability, it comes equipped with 18 reinforced ground spikes and windproof ropes, offering a robust solution for both indoor and outdoor plant gardening.

Should You Buy It?

Yes. It serves its purpose but it is just a little on the wobbly side which I found frustrating. It looks after your plants well and for the price most people will be happy with it. It has high humidity levels and it’s easy to ventilate. Plus – the assembly process is amazing. It is a solid budget pop up greenhouse.

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

How We Tested The Greenhouses

We put the greenhouse kits to the test in a few simple ways. First, we found 10×10 greenhouse for sale, set each one up, following the instructions to see how easy they were to put together. Then, we let them face some weather – a bit of wind and some light snow – to see how they held up. We kept an eye on how sturdy they stayed and if they kept the plants inside safe and warm (2). We also looked at what other people said online about using them for a while to catch any problems we might have missed. This way, we got a good look at what’s good and what’s not so great about each kit.

Benefits Of 10×10 Greenhouse Kits

A 10×10 greenhouse kit presents several unique advantages beyond the usual perks of home gardening and plant protection. Here are some lesser-discussed benefits:

Modular Expansion Possibilities:Many 10×10 greenhouse kits are designed with modularity in mind, allowing gardeners to expand their greenhouse space in the future by attaching additional sections or kits. This flexibility is ideal for gardeners who plan to scale their gardening projects gradually.
Optimal for Experimentation:The size of a 10×10 greenhouse provides an excellent balance for hobbyists and serious gardeners alike to experiment with a wider variety of plants than smaller models without committing to the extensive management required by larger greenhouses. This space allows for trials of different growing techniques, such as hydroponics or aquaponics, in a controlled environment.
Enhanced Microclimate Control:The 10×10 space offers a significant volume for air circulation, which can facilitate better control over the greenhouse’s microclimate. This size allows for more sophisticated environmental control systems, such as automated ventilation, heating, and humidity control, leading to optimal growing conditions and potentially higher yields.
Economic Efficiency:While providing ample space for a variety of plants, a 10×10 greenhouse does not demand the same level of energy consumption as larger structures for heating, cooling, and lighting. This size strikes a balance between having a substantial growing area and keeping operational costs manageable, making it an economically efficient option for many gardeners.
Specialized Growing Zones:The space in a 10×10 greenhouse can be effectively divided into different growing zones, each with micro-environmental controls. This zoning allows for the cultivation of a diverse range of plants with varying environmental needs in a single greenhouse, maximizing the utility and productivity of the space.

Tips for Choosing the Right 10×10 Greenhouse

When choosing a 10×10 greenhouse kit on a budget, consider the material and design of the frame and panels. Determine the features you need, read customer reviews, compare prices, look for deals and discounts, and check shipping and delivery options.

Consider the material and design of the frame and panels

When selecting a 10×10 greenhouse kit, consider the materials and design of the frame and panels. Aluminum frames are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and durable, making them a popular choice for greenhouse kits.

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Polycarbonate panels are sturdy and impact-resistant, providing insulation while allowing sunlight to penetrate. Look for kits with UV-coated panels to protect your plants from harmful rays.

Opting for a kit with an easy-to-assemble design can save time and effort during setup.

Determine the features you need

Once you’ve considered the material and design of the frame and panels, it’s time to determine the features you need. Look for features like ventilation windows, shelving units, UV protection, sturdy construction materials, and easy assembly.

Consider whether you need a built-in irrigation system or if you’re looking for additional insulation options to extend your growing season. These features will enhance the functionality of your greenhouse and contribute to the success of your gardening endeavors.

When selecting a 10×10 greenhouse kit on a budget without compromising on essential features, consider models that offer durable frames, efficient air circulation systems, sufficient headroom for larger plants or trellising systems.

Read customer reviews and compare prices

Before purchasing a 10×10 greenhouse kit, it’s essential to read customer reviews and compare prices. This will help you gain insights into the performance and durability of the chosen greenhouse kit based on real experiences from other users.

Additionally, comparing prices across different retailers will ensure that you find the best deal for your budget without compromising quality.

Look for deals and discounts

After comparing prices and reading customer reviews, your next step is to look for deals and discounts when choosing a 10×10 greenhouse kit. Many retailers offer seasonal promotions or special discounts for first-time buyers.

Keep an eye out for limited-time offers, bundle deals, or clearance sales to maximize your budget without compromising on the quality of your greenhouse kit.

Consider signing up for newsletters or following greenhouse suppliers on social media to stay updated on exclusive offers and flash sales. Additionally, you can explore online marketplaces or auction websites where you might find discounted brand-new or gently used 10×10 greenhouse kits.

Check shipping and delivery options.

When considering your 10×10 greenhouse kit, it’s essential to check shipping and delivery options. Ensure that the vendor offers timely delivery and provides reasonable shipping rates.

Some vendors may even offer free shipping, saving you extra costs in getting your greenhouse delivered to your doorstep. It’s also crucial to review their return policy in case of any damages during transit.

Should you build it with 10×10 greenhouse plans?

If you’re thinking about whether to build a 10×10 greenhouse using greenhouse plans, it’s a decision that comes with its set of benefits and considerations. Going the DIY route allows for a high level of customization, making it possible to adjust features to suit your specific gardening needs and the unique conditions of your site. You have the freedom to select materials that fit your budget and climate requirements, potentially saving money compared to purchasing a pre-fabricated kit. Moreover, building your own greenhouse can be a rewarding project, offering personal satisfaction and a deeper connection to your gardening activities.

However, it’s essential to be aware of the challenges. The success of the project heavily depends on your DIY skills, understanding of the materials, and ability to follow the plans accurately. There might be unforeseen costs or complications, especially if adjustments are needed mid-project. Also, consider the time commitment required to complete the greenhouse, ensuring it’s a realistic addition to your schedule.


Finding the perfect 10×10 greenhouse kit on a budget requires a bit of research, but it’s definitely achievable. Our testing has shown that quality and affordability can go hand in hand, as seen with our top pick, the Outsunny 10’x10′. When choosing your own greenhouse, consider not just the price but also the material, design, and additional features that meet your gardening needs.

Don’t forget to read customer reviews for first-hand insights and compare prices to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Keep an eye out for discounts and consider the shipping options to make sure your greenhouse arrives safely and economically. With these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to selecting a greenhouse that will not only fit your budget but also enhance your gardening experience. Happy gardening!

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Can I get a 10×10 greenhouse replacement cover?

Absolutely! You can easily find a 10×10 greenhouse replacement cover if your original one gets damaged or worn out over time. Here’s a good place to look.

Where can I get plans to build my own budget-friendly 10×10 greenhouse?

You can look online or in gardening guides for 10×10 greenhouse plans that guide you through the process of building an affordable yet effective structure on your own. This is beyond the scope of this article though.

What is a cheaper alternative to a greenhouse?

A cheaper alternative to a traditional greenhouse is a cold frame. Cold frames are simple, transparent-roofed enclosures built low to the ground to protect plants from adverse weather. They’re perfect for extending the growing season by trapping heat and providing a microclimate for plant growth.

How small can a greenhouse be?

A greenhouse can be as small as you need it to be. Mini greenhouses can range from tiny units that fit on a balcony or inside a small yard to larger structures. Small greenhouses, often called mini or compact greenhouses, can start from sizes as diminutive as 6 feet by 8 feet or even smaller, like tabletop models designed to accommodate a few plants.

What is a good size for a greenhouse?

The ideal size for a greenhouse depends on several factors, including the available space, the types of plants you intend to grow, and your gardening goals. For hobby gardeners, a medium-sized greenhouse, around 8 feet by 12 feet, often provides ample space for a variety of plants without overwhelming the backyard space. Those with more ambitious gardening plans or who wish to grow a larger quantity of plants might opt for a larger structure, such as 10 feet by 20 feet

10x10 greenhouse


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