3 Best Greenhouses To Grow Cannabis In 2024

Growing cannabis can be tricky, especially when choosing the right setup. Did you know that a cannabis greenhouse can significantly improve your yield?

This article will reveal the three best greenhouses for growing cannabis in 2024, ensuring your plants thrive.

Let’s get growing!

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Understanding the Importance of Greenhouses for Cannabis Production

When it comes to growing cannabis, there is very clear evidence that a greenhouse is unbeatable if you’re looking to do it properly.

Here are a few key benefits of using a cannabis greenhouse:

Controlled Environment:Greenhouses provide a controlled environment for cannabis plants, allowing for the optimal balance of temperature, humidity, and ventilation. This control can lead to healthier plants and higher yields compared to outdoor cultivation, which is subject to the unpredictability of weather.
Extended Growing Seasons:With the ability to control the environment, greenhouses enable growers to extend the growing season beyond what would be possible outdoors. In some cases, they can even achieve multiple harvests within a year, increasing productivity.
Energy Efficiency:Greenhouses can be more energy-efficient than indoor grow operations that rely entirely on artificial lighting and climate control systems. By utilizing natural sunlight, greenhouses reduce the need for artificial lighting, lowering energy costs.
Protection from Pests and Pathogens:While not completely immune, greenhouses can offer better protection against pests, diseases, and adverse weather conditions compared to outdoor cultivation. This can reduce the need for chemical pesticides and increase the overall quality of the cannabis.
Scalability:Greenhouse operations can be more easily scaled than indoor grows. As demand increases, additional greenhouse structures can be added or existing ones expanded to increase production capacity.
Cost-Effectiveness:While the initial setup cost of a greenhouse can be significant, the overall operational costs, particularly for energy, tend to be lower than for an equivalent indoor grow operation. Over time, the cost savings from reduced energy and water use can make greenhouses a more cost-effective option.

The Top 3 Cannabis Greenhouse Options in 2024

CategoryCannabis Greenhouse
Best All-Around GreenhouseAC Infinity Advanced Grow System
Best Entry-Level Cannabis GreenhouseVivosun Complete Grow Tent
Best Budget Cannabis GreenhouseJungleA Grow Tent

Let’s go through each of them individually so you have all the information you need to make a great decision.

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#1: AC Infinity Advanced Grow System (Best All-Around Greenhouse)

cannabis greenhouse

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 60″L x 60″W x 80″H

– Made of alloy steel

– Uses smart controls and integrated components to start an indoor growing system.

– Extremely high quality materials.

– Easy to automate everything so that you can scientifically grow your cannabis

– Really easy to setup and use. Everything synchs with your cellphone.

– The EVO8 LED lights are really bright and help a ton with growth
– I found the device a little more noisy than advertised. I’d recommend keeping it away from where you sleep or anywhere that silence is important to you.

– A pricier option but it makes up for it with quality.


The AC Infinity Advance Grow System PRO 5×5, 6-Plant Kit is essentially the best all-around setup you could ask for if you’re diving into cannabis greenhouse cultivation. It’s not just a grow tent; it’s a smart, WiFi-integrated system designed to give you total control over your indoor growing environment. Picture this: a 60″L x 60″W x 80″H space decked out in 2000D Mylar, powered by a 730W full-spectrum LED light that uses top-notch Samsung LM301H EVO diodes. This setup ensures your plants get the light they need for optimal growth.

But it doesn’t stop there. This kit is all about automation. You can control fans and lights, adjusting their speed and brightness to the exact needs of your plants, all from your phone using the AC Infinity app. This means you can tweak your tent’s climate from anywhere, ensuring your plants are always in the perfect environment. The kit includes everything from an Australian carbon filter for clean air to fabric pots and pruning snips for plant maintenance.

With features like a super quiet inline fan that uses the latest tech to keep air moving efficiently and an oscillating clip fan to distribute that air evenly, your cannabis plants are in for a treat. Plus, the sturdy alloy steel frame and lightproof canvas make sure your setup lasts for seasons to come. It’s an easy, smart, and efficient way to automate and optimize your indoor grow space.

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Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#2: VIVOSUN Complete Grow Tent (Best Entry-Level Cannabis Greenhouse)

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 60″L x 60″W x 80″H

– Made of metal

– Comes with a grow tent, LED grow lights, inline fan, smart thermometer and plant trellis netting.

cannabis greenhouse
– Comes with everything that you need to grow cannabis.

– Really good price for what you get.

– Easy to assemble and use

– Works really well and will help you grow amazing cannabis.
– Lacks some of the automation and integration that you’ll get with the AC Infinity


The VIVOSUN Grow Tent Complete Kit is a fantastic entry-level setup for anyone looking to dip their toes into cannabis greenhouse cultivation. This kit, with its dimensions of 60″L x 60″W x 80″H, comes packed with everything you need to kickstart your grow journey. At its heart is the VS1000 LED grow light, boasting high-efficiency Samsung LM301 diodes that bathe your plants in a full spectrum of light, mimicking natural sunlight to boost growth while only sipping 100 watts of power. This means more lush, healthy plants without the hefty energy bill.

What really sets this kit apart is how it wraps all these features in a neat, user-friendly package. The tent itself is lined with 100%-reflective mylar to keep all that light goodness bouncing around your plants. And when it comes to air quality, this kit doesn’t mess around. It includes a 440 CFM inline fan and a carbon filter combo that works tirelessly to keep air fresh and circulate it efficiently, ensuring your cannabis plants thrive in the best conditions.

Add in the easy-to-install heavy-duty polyester plant trellis netting, and you’ve got a system that supports your plants as they reach for the skies. It’s a solid, cost-effective choice that makes growing cannabis at home accessible and, honestly, pretty exciting.

Check Price ➡️ Amazon

#3: JungleA Grow Tent

cannabis greenhouse

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 48″L x 48″W x 80″H

– Made of extra thick 600D Oxford cloth

– Comes with a grow tent, LED grow lights, inline fan, smart thermometer and plant trellis netting.

– Really cheap

– Easy to assemble and use

– Surprisingly sturdy

– Has good reflectivity that helps with plant growth.
– Doesn’t come with a fan, heater or grow light


If you’re eyeing a budget-friendly way to start your cannabis growing adventure, this 4×4 JungleA Grow Tent is a steal. It’s a cozy 48″x48″x80″ hydroponic setup that comes with all the bells and whistles you need without breaking the bank. Wrapped in thick 600D PE Oxford cloth, it keeps the light in and the elements out, creating the perfect secluded spot for your plants to thrive. Inside, the tent is lined with a waterproof diamond polyester film that reflects 99% of growth light right back at your cannabis, ensuring they get every bit of energy they need to grow strong and healthy.

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Airflow? Check. It’s got two ventilation windows to keep fresh air circulating and a neat observation window, so you can check on your green babies without disturbing their environment. The tent’s iron frame is as sturdy as they come, ready to support your lights, carbon filters, and fans without as much as a wobble. Plus, the smooth, high-quality zippers mean no frustrating snags when you’re tending to your crop.

It’s also a breeze to set up, taking roughly 20 minutes before you’re good to go. The tent even throws in a removable waterproof tray for easy cleaning and a handy tool bag for all your gardening gear. All in all, it’s the perfect setup for anyone looking to get into cannabis cultivation without splurging on the fancier setups.

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How To Use A Cannabis Greenhouse

Selecting the perfect spot inside your home for a cannabis greenhouse is all about balancing the plants’ needs with the practical aspects of your living space. Here’s what you should consider to ensure your cannabis plants flourish:

  • Lighting Needs: For those planning to utilize natural sunlight, positioning the greenhouse near windows that face south (in the Northern Hemisphere) or north (in the Southern Hemisphere) can capture the most daylight. If you’re going with grow lights, this becomes less critical, and you have more flexibility.

  • Stable Temperatures: Cannabis thrives in daytime temperatures between 70°F to 85°F (21°C to 29°C). Look for a spot that’s not prone to drastic temperature swings and is away from direct heat sources or drafts that could stress the plants.

  • Humidity Levels: Proper humidity is key for cannabis. A location that allows you to easily adjust humidity with devices or natural ventilation will help keep conditions just right. While basements and bathrooms might offer higher humidity, they can also pose challenges like poor ventilation and potential mold growth.

  • Air Circulation: Healthy growth and disease prevention hinge on good airflow. An area where you can set up an exhaust system or crack open a window to let air circulate will support your greenhouse’s ventilation needs.

  • Ease of Access: Finally, think about your daily routine and choose a location where tending to your plants won’t be a hassle. Regular maintenance like watering, trimming, and checking for pests should be convenient, not a chore that disrupts your day.

By considering these factors, you can find a spot that not only supports the optimal growth of your cannabis plants but also fits seamlessly into your home environment.


In wrapping up, the journey to cultivating your own cannabis is an exciting venture that’s made significantly easier with the right greenhouse setup. Whether you’re a beginner looking for an entry-level kit, on a budget, or ready to dive into a more advanced system, there’s an option out there for you. The AC Infinity Advanced Grow System, VIVOSUN Complete Grow Tent, and JungleA Grow Tent each offer unique features that cater to different needs and preferences, ensuring your cannabis plants get the best possible start. Remember, the key to a thriving cannabis garden lies in choosing the right environment, and these greenhouses are designed to put you on the path to success.

Here are our favorite accessories to boost any greenhouse:
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need prior gardening experience to use a cannabis greenhouse?

No, you don’t need to be an experienced gardener to start growing cannabis in a greenhouse. Many kits are designed with beginners in mind, offering easy setup and user-friendly controls. However, a basic understanding of plant care and a willingness to learn will greatly enhance your growing experience.

How much does it cost to set up a cannabis greenhouse?

The cost can vary widely depending on the size and complexity of the greenhouse kit you choose. Budget options like the JungleA Grow Tent can be very affordable, while more advanced systems like the AC Infinity Advanced Grow System may require a larger investment upfront for their added features and automation.

Can I use a greenhouse to grow cannabis all year round?

Yes, one of the major advantages of using a greenhouse is the ability to extend the growing season and, in some cases, grow cannabis year-round. The controlled environment protects plants from seasonal changes and adverse weather, allowing for continuous cultivation.

Is it legal to grow cannabis in a greenhouse at home?

The legality of growing cannabis at home varies by location, so it’s essential to check your local laws and regulations before starting. In areas where it is legal, there may still be restrictions on the number of plants you can grow or requirements for keeping the cultivation area secure.

How do I choose the right location for my indoor greenhouse?

Select a location that offers stable temperatures, adequate light (natural or artificial), and good ventilation. It should also be a place where you can easily access your plants for daily care. Avoid areas with high humidity or temperature extremes, as these can affect plant health.

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