3 Budget Victorian Greenhouses You Can Own In Your Home

Many people dream of having a lush, beautiful space at home but don’t know where to start. A Victorian greenhouse is the perfect accessory to make this happen. They combine beauty with functionality, making them perfect for anyone that adores spending time in their garden.

Our article will guide you through choosing and owning one of these elegant structures.

Ready to transform your garden? Keep reading!

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The Influence of Victorian Era Architecture on Greenhouses

Moving from a broad introduction into specifics, it’s clear that Victorian era structures have greatly shaped today’s greenhouses. This period introduced ornate conservatories and glasshouses, which were symbols of status and innovation at the time.

Architects from the Victorian era skilfully blended functionality with aesthetic appeal, leading to the development of classic greenhouses that are both beautiful and practical. These designs often included intricate details such as wrought iron frames, ridge-and-furrow roofing, and even decorative finials.

This emphasis on beauty alongside utility influences modern greenhouse design significantly. Home gardeners now seek out Victorian style greenhouses not just for their plant-growing capabilities but also for their ability to serve as a garden oasis or vintage greenhouse addition to homes.

The detailed craftsmanship seen in traditional greenhouses from this era adds a timeless elegance to gardening spaces, making them sought-after pieces for those aiming to combine indoor plants’ growth with outdoor architectural beauty.

Benefits Of A Victorian Greenhouse

A Victorian greenhouse isn’t just pretty to look at – they offer several benefits for gardening and beyond. Here’s a detailed look at these advantages:

Aesthetic Appeal:Victorian greenhouses have a timeless elegance, with ornate designs including finials, crestings, and a classic shape. This aesthetic appeal can enhance the visual attractiveness of a garden or property, making it a focal point of beauty and interest.
Optimized Light Transmission:The design of Victorian greenhouses, often featuring a steep roof pitch, allows for maximum light transmission. This is crucial for plant growth, as it ensures that plants receive ample sunlight throughout the day, fostering healthier growth and increased productivity.
Year-Round Gardening:One of the primary benefits of any greenhouse, including Victorian models, is the ability to garden year-round. These structures provide a controlled environment that protects plants from extreme weather conditions, pests, and diseases. This enables gardeners to cultivate a wide variety of plants, including those not native to their region, throughout the year.
Enhanced Growing Conditions:Victorian greenhouses allow for the regulation of temperature, humidity, and ventilation, which are critical for plant health. Gardeners can create an ideal microclimate for their plants, which can lead to improved growth rates, higher yields, and the ability to grow more delicate or challenging plant species.
Increased Property Value:The addition of a Victorian greenhouse can increase the value of a property. Its unique charm and functional benefits make it an attractive feature for potential buyers, should you decide to sell your home.
Therapeutic Benefits:Gardening within a Victorian greenhouse can offer therapeutic benefits, including stress reduction, improved mood, and physical exercise. The peaceful environment of a greenhouse, surrounded by plants and nature, can be a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Must-have Features

Creating a garden oasis with a Victorian style greenhouse involves more than just the aesthetic appeal. The right features can transform your glasshouse into a functional and enchanting space. Here are some must-have features to consider:

  1. Sturdy Frame: Choose a frame made from durable materials like aluminum or powder-coated steel. These materials resist rust and can support the weight of the glass panels effectively.
  2. High-Quality Glass Or Polycarbonate: Opt for tempered or safety glass for your greenhouse. This type of glass is stronger than standard glass and can withstand harsh weather conditions, protecting your indoor plants.
  3. Adequate Ventilation: Ensure your Victorian greenhouse comes equipped with roof vents or side ventilation windows. Proper airflow prevents overheating and keeps plants healthy.
  4. Shelving and Potting Benches: Incorporate shelving units or potting benches to maximize growing space within your greenhouse. This allows for better organization of plants and gardening tools.
  5. Efficient Heating System: For year-round gardening, install a heating system to maintain optimal temperatures during colder months. This creates an ideal environment for a variety of plants to thrive.
  6. Automated Irrigation System: Consider adding an automated irrigation system to ensure consistent watering schedules. This is especially useful for busy gardeners who want to maintain lush, vibrant gardens without daily hassle.
  7. Solar-Powered Lights: Add solar-powered lights to extend daylight hours and provide necessary light levels for plant growth, even during shorter days.
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With these features in mind, you’re ready to delve into the world of Victorian greenhouses that bring classic elegance and advanced functionality to home gardening.

Now let’s explore three beautiful Victorian greenhouses you can own in your home.

3 Beautiful Victorian Greenhouses That Are Perfect For Your Home

#1: Howe Polycarbonate Victorian Greenhouse

victorian greenhouse

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 168″L x 120″W x 108″H

– Made of polycarbonate and an aluminum frame.

The Hoew 14×9.5×9 FT Polycarbonate Greenhouse features a matte black aluminum frame and twin-wall polycarbonate panels with UV protection. Designed for both gardening enthusiasts and leisure use, it offers a spacious interior due to its 6FT wall height, eliminating the need to bend over. It includes two wide swing doors and two adjustable side vents for improved air circulation.

The structure is built to withstand harsh weather, with a wind rating of 70 mph and a snow load capacity of 30 psf, thanks to its heavy-duty materials and reinforced expansion screws for added stability. Additionally, the greenhouse showcases a Victorian roof crest design to deter birds and incorporates drainage holes with pipes for water management.

It’s designed for a straightforward assembly by three people within 12 hours, providing a functional and stylish addition to any outdoor space.

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#2: Jocisland Polycarbonate Victorian Greenhouse

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 168″L x 120″W x 110″H

– Weight of 254 lbs

– Made of polycarbonate and an aluminum frame.

victorian greenhouse

The Jocisland 14×9.5×9 FT Polycarbonate Greenhouse offers a versatile 850 cubic feet space with a 6 FT wall height, ideal for personal gardening and functional living spaces. It features 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels for near-total UV protection and warmth, promoting optimal plant growth.

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The widened door enhances access, and its unique spear-like top design prevents birds from perching. Constructed with a heavy-duty, rust-resistant aluminum frame and reinforced with 4 thick corner posts plus 8 ground stakes, this greenhouse is built to withstand all weather conditions, with a wind rating of 56 mph and a snow load capacity of 18 psf. It also includes two ventilation windows for air circulation and a plastic drainage system for efficient water management.

Designed for easy assembly, it can be put together by three people in just 10 hours, making it a practical choice for garden enthusiasts seeking a durable and stylish Victorian-inspired greenhouse solution.

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#3: Exaco Royal Victorian Greenhouse

victorian greenhouse

Where To Buy: Amazon

Specs & Features:
– Dimensions of 180″L x 122″W x 108″H

– Weight of 1275 lbs

– Made of glass and an aluminum frame.

The Exaco Royal Victorian VI34 Greenhouse offers 150 square feet of space with a distinctive design that echoes the elegance of Victorian greenhouses. Its structure incorporates single-piece vertical glass panels for a sleek look, allowing for the placement of the sliding door on any side for flexible access.

This greenhouse comes equipped with a 6″ high foundation frame and a misting system that simply needs a hose connection to a faucet. For ventilation, it includes roof windows featuring both an old-fashioned spindle and a modern automatic window opener, enhancing the blend of traditional aesthetics with contemporary functionality. The greenhouse promises durability with a 15-year warranty on the frame and a 10-year warranty on the polycarbonate components.

Additional features such as substantial rubber seals for improved insulation, gutters with downspouts, and optional accessories like inside shade cloths and extra automatic window openers make this model a sophisticated choice for gardeners looking for a blend of classic style and modern convenience in their gardening endeavors.

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Should You Choose A Polycarbonate Or Glass Greenhouse?

Choosing between a polycarbonate and glass Victorian greenhouse involves considering several factors, including durability, insulation, light transmission, aesthetic preferences, budget, and maintenance requirements. Here’s a comparison to help you decide:

Polycarbonate Greenhouses


  • Durability: Polycarbonate is much more resistant to breakage than glass, making it a safer option in areas prone to severe weather, such as high winds or hail.
  • Insulation: Polycarbonate panels have better insulation properties than glass, which can help to keep a more consistent temperature inside the greenhouse, beneficial for plant growth in cooler climates.
  • Light Diffusion: Polycarbonate panels can diffuse light more evenly, which reduces the chances of plants being scorched by direct sunlight.
  • Weight: Polycarbonate is lighter than glass, making it easier to install and requiring less structural support.
  • Cost: Generally, polycarbonate greenhouses are less expensive than their glass counterparts, both in terms of initial purchase and potential repair costs.


  • Aesthetic: Some gardeners prefer the classic look of glass and may find polycarbonate less visually appealing for a Victorian-style greenhouse.
  • Scratching: Polycarbonate panels can scratch more easily than glass, which may affect the long-term appearance.
  • Lifespan: Although very durable, polycarbonate panels can yellow over time, affecting light transmission and aesthetics.
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Glass Greenhouses


  • Aesthetics: Glass offers a timeless, classic look that aligns well with the elegant design of Victorian greenhouses. It’s preferred for its clarity and how it complements a garden’s aesthetic.
  • Light Transmission: Glass provides high levels of light transmission, which is beneficial for plant growth, without the risk of yellowing over time.
  • Longevity: If not broken, glass can last indefinitely without losing transparency or degrading due to UV exposure.
  • Maintenance: Glass is easier to clean and does not scratch as easily as polycarbonate, maintaining its clarity over time.


  • Fragility: Glass is more prone to breaking, which can be a risk in areas with high winds, snow loads, or frequent hail.
  • Cost: Glass greenhouses are generally more expensive, both in initial cost and in the case of needing repairs.
  • Insulation: Glass does not insulate as well as polycarbonate, which can lead to higher heating costs in cooler climates.

The choice between polycarbonate and glass for Victorian greenhouse kits largely depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you prioritize safety, insulation, and cost-effectiveness, polycarbonate might be the way to go. However, if you value aesthetics, light transmission, and longevity, and are willing to invest more initially and in maintenance, a glass greenhouse could be the better choice. Consider the climate in your area, your gardening goals, and how you want the greenhouse to complement your property when making your decision.

victorian greenhouse


Victorian greenhouses offer a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, making them an excellent choice for gardening enthusiasts and those seeking to add a touch of elegance to their home gardens. Whether you opt for a polycarbonate or glass model, these greenhouses provide a conducive environment for plant growth throughout the year, enhance your property’s value, and serve as a peaceful retreat.

With options like the Howe Polycarbonate Victorian Greenhouse, Jocisland Polycarbonate Victorian Greenhouse, and Exaco Royal Victorian Greenhouse available, you can find a model that fits your budget and meets your gardening needs. When choosing between polycarbonate and glass, consider factors such as durability, insulation, light transmission, and maintenance to make the best decision for your situation. Regardless of your choice, owning a Victorian greenhouse is a rewarding investment that offers numerous benefits and transforms your garden into a vibrant, thriving oasis.

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Victorian Greenhouse FAQs

How can I own a Victorian greenhouse for my home?

You can own a Victorian greenhouse by purchasing one from a supplier or having one custom-built for your property.

Are Victorian greenhouses expensive to maintain?

The maintenance costs of Victorian greenhouses vary depending on factors like size, materials, and climate conditions.

What are the benefits of owning a Victorian style greenhouse?

Owning a Victorian greenhouse provides an ideal environment for growing plants, extending the gardening season, and creating a charming space for relaxation.

Can I install heating in my Victorian greenhouse?

Yes, you can install heating systems in your Victorian greenhouse to regulate temperature and protect plants during colder months.

Do I need planning permission to have a Victorian greenhouse on my property?

Check with local authorities as regulations regarding installing structures like greenhouses may vary based on location and size.

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